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Within US jurisdiction included Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard and its elite branch. The could force both have already then long under several U. S. Sanctions are also two related Iranian propaganda outlets. No specifics about what they all did. Email disinformation voters is alleged by U. S intelligence. NBC's Chuck Sivertsen. In two hours from now, President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will meet in their final debate of the campaign made commission requiring both candidates to test negative for covert 19 and officials say they both Fast. There's still an unanswered question if President Trump did that before their last face to face debate, despite the White House, saying he did the president and his doctors have refused to say when his last negative test was before he went to the hospital with covert 19. ABC is Andy Field 12 days to the election. At least 47 million votes have already been cast. That's more than the total for 2016. The White House says President Trump will vote on Saturday in West Palm Beach, Florida. The FDA has approved Ramdev severe as a treatment for covert 19. The drug has been shown to speed recovery and hospitalized patients. This okay is coming. His cases continue to rise across the nation, Utah governor Gary Herbert pleading with residents to avoid gathering. We're fine, in fact, doesn't matter if he had love each other and your family or friends. That doesn't make you immune from getting the covert 19 virus has hospitals are running out of I C u beds in a state. Another body's been found in an unmarked mass grave, and it holds the cemetery as a search for remains from the cities. 1921 race massacre comes to an end, at least 12 sets of remains were found. You're listening to ABC News News Radio, 6 10 W. TV and Malice and Wiant Governor Mike DeWine's briefing today, he reported the 38 counties there now, with the Red Level three on the state's color coded Corona virus alert system. Ohio's Corona virus stats continue to rise. Newly reported cases hospitalizations in ICU admissions all above their three week averages. 74% of Ohioans are living in a red can 74% on ly 1% are living in a yellow count. Governor. DeWine says Three counties are now on the watch list to Goto level for purple Alert, which is severe exposure and spread Cincinnati's Hamilton County nearby Clark County and northeast Ohio's Cuyahoga County. I'm Jack Crumley, they said, the highest number of counties at that red level since the start of the pandemic. Ohio's new Daily case count today, top 2425 reported in the last 24 hours. That is the highest number of new cases in the state since the pandemic took hold. Whole foods is.

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