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Settings. Thanksgiving's coming up Dr Anthony Fauci on this podcast that he's going to see his kids on Thanksgiving Zoom what we're going to do. We're gonna have a quiet meal ourselves, my wife and my and and I together. And we're going to spend an hour on zoom talking to the kids. And just celebrating Thanksgiving that way. Good idea. What would you tell people about about the holidays coming up? Probably a good idea for Anthony Fauci. He's I think, 80 years old Now he was 17 96 months ago. He's probably Eddie. Look, I don't want Teo be around my parents during Thanksgiving. I think I take good precautions. But I'm living my life and I'm out there and I know that the case fatality rate. And somebody in my age group is very low. So I've been living my life taking basic precautions. Just making sure I have a mascot. I'm indoors. I'm working in the hospital. I don't want my parents. You know, this is one Thanksgiving that we can go with that because my parents are older and they're at risk. I think everyone's got to judge their own individual risk. But it's not a bad idea to think about an alternative way to get together outdoors or to go somewhere warm. Or to park yourself in a place that's safe. We're asking a lot of people. But remember Just to put things in context. We're losing 1000 Americans a day and the next 2.5 months are probably going to be some of the most difficult to and half months of this country, So we're really entering the heat of the season, even though we're not talking about it. In the news cycle, because there's other important news, Dr Martin Kerry, Fox News Medical contributor. Johns Hopkins University's going book about way pay for healthcare in this country called the Price we pay. You can check that out. Dr. Makarios was good to talk to you. Thank you very much. Great to be with Chris,.

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