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We're GONNA make fun of all of this like swinging sixties style but then Goldmember was straight up like we're doing a bond movie it. We're not even GONNA pretend anymore. Yeah like beyond say is going to play it would always kind of like not just problematically play with like race but also like women race like I hear the two bongos Bambi and thumper thumper is going to be like this black girl but like poofy like you know the poofy abused. Afro ups and Thumper is going to be like a sweetest blonde. That's just what they do so Bambi and thumper and what yeah come on man I couldn't you have a name plenty. O'Toole that is not a name of somebody names at shot yeah. We're GONNA get an email from plenty hughes me listen. I come from a very room. Line of my father was a plenty plenty. My son is plenty. Did you read any of the Comex or collect any of the comics James Bond Comics I never did I never did it. Part of it. I think was because you either have the novels which were like super pulpy or you had the movies which were movies and awesome in the comic books always felt like this weird have stepped between nine. It's like I'm not going to get what I want out of this because like marvelous but in these comics sad and I'm sure it's a good idea but the things that I respond to in a bond film as like a fourteen year old boy not showing up allows things for fourteen year old boys there was the new one thousand nine hundred three was actually the first bond video game which was developed by the Parker brothers and was released for Atari however that is not the one that comes to mind for all the nine hundred ninety seven seven first person shooter Video Game Goldeneye okay. We're going to seven and sixty four baby because if he's about to Wax Poetic Woah hold on I it's so funny because I have never seen a single james bond film but but I have played many Goldeneye Goldeneye special in the sense that it had it normalized first person shooters it changed the game literally and so you know it got people well aware of of crappy hit boxes with odd job. If you chose odd job you were a horrible human being and so like everything about golden eye is so fun and they recently did a source remastered for pc so you can grab that if you're the on the PC master race but you know it super it was fun and what kind of sucked was it was so good so nostalgic that our bond game aimed never was able to survive a around that I think there was like was it a diet. It was either die another day or What is the one that came out for? PS Two or ps one nine fire night fire. That's what it Saint James Bond 007 night fire for ps two. I think that's what it was then and it was it was great. I just remember the Golden. I was the first party game. I'd ever really play yeah it. was you know like it was it was a game where somebody had an end sixty-four before you go over and always be like five or six people in that house and for them would be playing golden at any given time and there was and it was it became a social event in a way that video games hadn't been for me in the before and there was always like is in the screen was divided until his four boxes right so four people were playing at once giant screen. There's always one screen where some person could not figure route how to focus on the floor. I just look straight ahead bells. Els next level and you know just talking about Goldeneye. It's crazy to think that insects before launched two of the biggest like multi player Party Games not counting Mario Party but you have smash Rose Golden. It's crazy to know all that came from the insects four totally. I'm curious because as we're going over these the key actors that play James Bond to me Pierce Brosnan was my James Bond because he was who I was first introduced to grew up with until Daniel Craig came into the picture. Who Do you consider your James Bond Good. The first bond movie I ever saw was never say never again so sean connery as my button I think I've seen more Roger Moore James Bond movies. MTV anybody else and that was more contemporary for me like I was a kid of the eighties and he was late seventies into like eighty five eighty six. I think but it's kind of always going to be Sean connery for me and even like never say never again is when he's the old Abban. He's willing to pay. Bond is just and it's a remake of another bond movie because they're like. MGM Has the lock on James Bond Movies and they have for since at the very beginning but there were some weird dispute with screenwriter of Thunder Ball and he claimed some rights to it and so that's the one movie that if any other company he wants to make they can remake thunderball and so it was thunderball in the never say never again which is just a remake of thunderball again and so I I remember that that was a summer and I was a bad boy at school and it was just coming out on HBO. I had forged my report card uh-huh forgery that junior high school. You're really really good at all right so we're GONNA. I'm GonNa make these fs as because nobody will notice that and these these are going to be bees that totally works six and and I had told my parents like at length that I really wanted to see this movie movie and then when they caught me in my master forgery they were like you can't do anything in for summer so you know Caribbean parents. That's how that goes. Oh yeah so so from June through September I was like locked in my room but then like Wentz winced once I got paroled dad had videotaped never say never again for me whole present for me as I completed my my rounds in in the big house house and I remember watching that movie and loving it to death even though it's not great yeah but it didn't matter yeah this was this was the price that was your freedom. This is my freedom for like I'm give it's funny. talking about like your James Bond's and stuff like that because you know Danny you say Daniel Craig was yours but when Myers broads favorite bond movie casino because the Internet was not unhappy with Daniel Craig during productions. They had a website called Daniel Craig is not bond dot com to express their satisfaction just in case you you think the release the Snyder cut crew is a new thing we been wild nerds have been awhile in on the Internet for the history was very three. Yes that was a huge thing blonde. These weird big years yeah because he didn't have the same debonair. You know his good What am I trying to like small laying right before him pierce had like but it's also funny because you're going based off of just a portrayal of a book look at least in Comic Books. It's like I seeing something but in a book it's like like when it was a big thing with rubing black you know and lots the times it's real funny to see how like just accurately described black features in books always seem to be just skipped over by a white people people when they read it where it's like. Oh curly. Oh must be ginger. You Know Yeah Yeah. It's always like wild to see like you know just the way. People are just conditioned to whitewash but it's even crazier when it's like you know just a white dude on paper could be a white dude on screen but just we've grown so accustomed that they were so mad in the now you know people are like mad that he's not gonna be it and it's funny because that reminds me of because people are we're so quick to forget on the Internet because now Heath Ledger is everyone's favourite joker but when you boy was announced people were mad. you know little not as much as him because now they've kind of learned a little. Robert Pattinson people have fought aww man well anyway. It's funny because like it just got a went to show you people who don't watch movies outside of Comic Book Movies when they're like. He's not a good actor was a goal. You haven't seen anything besides twilight gives off. Hello Bruce Wayne Vibes totally have to take a really quick break. We're going to hop back into the future of James. Bond right after this. Hey what's up nerd fan. 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Not It's not really far off in my opinion from some of the like Sean connery also it looks like Alfred the Butler yeah. He also looks like that weird guy from the first Charlie of angels Israel's movie you remember the one who was smelling drew Crispin Glover Chris could how could I just be Ojemaye. Oh Jimmy Fly yes. This is interesting. This is like the interpretation of what an Yeah Ian Fleming's James Bond not quite in my opinion so what we're looking at will we'll we'll tweet this out but not quite He looks more like a librarian but that's what it is. It was an ordinary man should chimney sweep yeah yeah so now. It's the fun to talk about the future of James Bond and I am the end. There's lots of fun things that we talked about in the past that you've kind of educated me on on and that begs so many fun questions. I often foremost you know the big news that has come out from the new James. Bond movie is that there's a let me get this correctly..

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