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So I had no idea who he was in a couple of weeks later. I got this. Call from a casting director av Kaufman in New York was friendly with who said I need you to read for this movie tomorrow. And I looked at the size. And I was like, you know, I don't think I'm right for this close to the universe. I'm not right for this. Why do you think I'm right for this? I should not dishing for this. I'm not a tomboy. And she said L just go on the. And so I went on the audition, and I walked in the room in who was there was Drake, and we had the unbelievable chemistry and then so that was like the universe. And then when I went the movie shooting in Boston my first to DO movie, what are the chances shooting full ten minutes from where I grew up. Well, and when I got to the airport, my driver was there to pick me up, and I got in the car, and he says he said to me. Hey, Alan, I'm. I'll say Jimmy. And he said, I knew your mom. And I just like I was like what he said. Yeah. I went to high school with your mom, and he drove me to work every day for two months and told me stories every day about my mom another sign of. Yeah. And it was then that I sort of started to say, well, there's something bigger at work. He absolutely. And when I got when when I got the offer for grays, I didn't wanna do television television wasn't cool. Then you know, it kind of meant you're not gonna make it in the movies. Right. So I sort of took it as a disc that they were saying, you should do this TV pilots. What do you mean? I should do a TV pilot. I've just done all these movies. And my agent said, you know, why are you resisting this? It's an it's a job. It's an offer. You don't have to dishing why the resistance just take the money and run these things never go. Do the pilot and you'll never see these people again. So I said, okay. Need to pay my rent? Anyway. Wow. So is AVI Kaufman is a woman. Yes, I had no idea seem the name for years and years and years, I had no idea. So we're gonna take a quick break. Now, we have a little bit more time for yet producer. He's nodding over there. Yeah. Yeah. I wanted to ask you about when when you talk to young actors, you know, I I know a lot of people who say no to everything who not just, you know, going on dishing, but just in life, just no. What changed for you? When did you finally say, you know, what I'm going to be open to what the universe has for me? My boss shonda rhimes wrote a book called the year of. Yes. Oh boy. You know? And again, like I said when we started this podcast. You know, I've been blessed with having brilliant women around me in life and in being able in and I've had I guess the inner wisdom to watch. And learn listen, and and I think that that I've learned over time. It's taken me a long time a lot of people self saboteurs, especially actors. That's not good enough. I'm better than that. I wanna be the lead. I wanna be in movies. I want. Well, I got news for you. If you're that dope. You'll make anything you're in dope. That's right. So you'll elevate if you're that dope. You'll elevate anything you touch. So what are you? So afraid of you wanna be the lead. Okay. So do this. Maybe if you're meant to be a lead, you'll be lead the universe will come get you, you know, it's not the agents fault..

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