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He rewrote deselms. Writing Serbia belief system with pickle if you resist can't that is amazing. Why would you write beware and words live here? Why would you do that? Why would you yourself because just are you an attention whore or could be too you're trying to influence people's votes. Maybe people think that they're racist here. So go vote for can we be honest about this could we be honest about this. There are racists everywhere. We're in a racist culture. So even if he did write it himself does it mean, what if it doesn't mean, it could have been real and probably is really. Except I've never seen it real never heard of an instance, like this where it actually turned out type of thing is because I mean again like there will people marched and said Jews will not replace Charlottesville shares real racism, obviously, but rarely do people like put rates. Bother with. Bother with do every action from broddrick part, eight Broderick takes Manhattan. No, I'm looking for that. He's promised a response. He's still working broddrick three home alone. Okay. I mean, this happened just a last year at K state same same university. Don Williams wrote the N word all over his car in graffiti and claimed he was the victim of racism. So he writes, the N word Oliver car, you've you've defaced your car. So apparently for this. So apparently, there is no real bad punishment at case day for this because he was not punished and so far neither is this. Right. And so it will continue to happen because what they want. They get the publicity. They get their name out there. They whatever they're looking for. They get and the in case dates doesn't step in and go. Okay. What you're expelled? We don't. We don't. We don't. That's absolutely. A that is what would you would think has criminal charges would I think so too? You can't do. You can't keep doing this. Let me ask you this. If you were working with somebody, and they said, you know, I just I just found this on my office door. I just slipped this note under my door. And instead, you know, Pat needs to be killed or whatever Pat warning, Pat lives here and pats horrible human being. Would you work at the company that would say, well, let me investigate it through the dining service. And then the, you know, the guy who's making the slop comes up and says, no, I mean, even I got him to confess. He wrote that himself would you not want that guy fired? Absolutely. Would you feel comfortable working at a place where they just said? Oh, well, that was just a.

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