Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, President Trump discussed on Sleepless in Los Angeles


Why I don't WanNa hit your friggin join. That is a gateway drug. We need it. It's just does anyone but me find it depressing that here. We all are over fifty three sound okay. I actually just turned sixty four. Okay you can call me an angry old feminist a paleo feminist a big nose feminist of big nose feminist betty for Dan and Bella Abzug pushy Jewish women with big noses. Big Cats Abdus arms. It was the seventy S. No apologies. Big Nose feminists were equal. Pay For women that was it. And then the camera ready choice. Feminists came along like Gloria Steinem. And now everyone's issues are women's issues that expands and now women have to take on the fight for native Americans and utterly abled people and polar bears in Greenland right. Okay and the problem. Why are these women's issues? Why aren't these men's issues while demented on the polar bears? What exactly are pointing even have lost their focus here. This path is going to be president. The apocalypse is here and in response. We women are what knitting hats really. It's radical policy. Gosh I got so mad. I name all at in southern California Amending. Such hot flashes fencing. None of this makes sense. This is a feminist progress. What's next around go? Quilting circle awoke penmanship cores. Mindfully journey butter a.

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