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Mavericks fans david shoemaker jason gallagher and we're back with our resident mavericks fans from the ring dot com and i'm gonna pass on a you charge because we need to run the trying right now for some gals mavericks talk i really the best thing ever done doing maps talk you've got great david shoemaker the art director and host of the best box pod with bryan curtis emme got producer jason gallagher votes on ballast those mass fans talk shop let's do this the draft stuff we're looking at bobby poster future so could he does want by but even for if we were picking three i would be holding out hope that luca danni would fall three picking it five i'm holding out hope that jaren jackson somehow slides five the ringer drat mock draft is one of the great creations one of the wonders of the modern world but that's that i was i i was putting all of my stock in other mock drafts that i saw that had jaren jackson on lottery day that had jerry jackson five six seven eight because people haven't really dug into them yet and i was hoping that we were the outlier now it seems like a lot of other people have caught up or at least started reading the ringer moctar so he's climbing east climbing the charts but i mean those are my guys i don't think there's any way the lucas slides to five but they're i guess there's some scenario in which he slides to three and there's a trade or something i don't know i mean the the big rumors that is somehow some way he falls to four then the mavericks would.

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