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Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore discussed on The Pat McAfee Show


Not sure what they are right but the bills went on to win a Super Bowl next year so that seems right to me at seven the Tennessee Titans who just re signed running ten to one on a molecular is run beat the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore when everybody thought the Baltimore Ravens were indefensible the Titans defense stepped up Ryan Tannehill in king Derrick Henry were dominant on the offensive side then they ran into a buzz saw that was against the Jews they had the lead against cancer genes may ultimately end up losing their twenty eight free agents going in this past offseason they pay Ryan Tannehill over a hundred million dollars they franchise tag Derrick Henry one of the deal with the other twenty six free agents I like Mike Vrabel's lot I like the Tennessee Titans a lot but I'm not sure we're gonna see that team the one on the bracket this run last year this year but maybe we cut I don't know maybe Ryan Tannehill has become this broad send to Tennessee whenever they put him in pole Mariota out the whole thing switch and it became a damaging twenty six more free agents other than running training on there can you help that is something that could be a bit alarming because all the news one weak link in the chain in a long connection pool and I'm not a heart surgery like this will be able to pull the chain next year do I like the bills the Vikings are the Bucks more than the Titans yes I like the box more than the Titans but I don't know if the things are going to play for the top ten six the Seahawks Russell Wilson he's going to win games kind of a boring team to talk about to be honest with you I like that the Seahawks are going to football I like watching them on television but they're really on television because he's because bias we don't really know anything about this team until later in the year because that's when people start paying attention to him Russell Wilson will always do something magical miraculous he's already been able to he's proven that he can win the Super Bowl but with the Seattle Seahawks everyone as a ball game with a legion of boom that is T. B. D. to be H. O. let's go to the Packers at number five I like the backers of five are you ready Jimmy Graham that probably is an upgrade I think all people Green Bay thank you bring in Devin Funchess if you can make Devin Funchess played to his what's that ceiling potential if you get them for just a play for his to his potential with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback with the floor hopefully guiding and also having an absolute weapon on the other side of the field I think that the Packers could take that next step what have they done anything to stop the fact that they gave up a hundred and eighty six yards before contact in the NFC championship aside from re signing defensive coordinator to an extension got rid of some of the slow white linebacker so that were kind of hurting them and some other guy so they they still need to address that in the draft I think we'll be okay okay but if you look at the how the season ended last year they would be in for probably right because they're an answer championship they got blown out and they weren't able to stop a single run or drop from the forty Niners at four the team that everybody saying is better than the Packers in the NFC even though they didn't make the championship game last year this same to re sign drew Brees that lost teddy Bridgewater Taysom hill is still there they bring back Malcolm Jenkins we just talked to Thomas Morstead the saints now playing in the NFC south it has thirty Bridgewater who was there for a long time and knows the ins and outs of their entire offense going to battle in Carolina and Tom Brady come of the NFC south that NFC south is going to be tough sledding for whoever comes out of there will it be drew Brees and the saints like it has been for a long time Sean Payton beat the covert nineteen well that carry into the regular season I'm on a mission sure they're gonna be good squad the forty Niners at three I respect that basically all parts of come back yesterday it Pollard said why doesn't Antonio brown go over the forty Niners that's an intriguing thought actually I think that's a locker room that could handle him I think that's an offense that would be unstoppable with him with Deebo Samuel they lose Emmanuel Sanders who want to the saints obviously but with George Kittle Jimmy G. powershares big brain and that running game it feels like if you had and tell your brother that that might be a cheat code not only a mad but in real life number two the Baltimore Ravens well the mark Jackson in that offense be on stoppable yet again with that defense B. R. hungry one with a ball hawking Marcus Peters goes over there and is it a media game changer for the ravens defense on the offenses are the ball they lose marshal Yanda all pro on offensive line will they be able to do what they did last year and took the world by storm when they committed completely to the mark Jackson style offense with a bunch of tight ends good defensive play around the pond water quarterback throw the ball twenty times a game maybe at most and let's win games will they be able to do that again I'm honestly not sure especially if Ben Roethlisberger coming back one entire off season for defensive coordinators to watch that often to see how it goes remember the wildcat took over the world for a long time to then the fourth V. defensive corners figured out Lamar Jackson is a special unique anomaly Elian unicorn of a player he's the most athletic player on the field every time he's on the field nobody thought to be able to transition from low level to the NFL and make people look stupid he has done just that on many occasions but I just feel like defense corners could potentially figure out a way to stop it if they did that's a problem with the Titans were just the blueprint for other teams use against them I'll be excited you will mark Jackson and hardball in the entire squad over there to to get better but I like the ravens going forward they got a young freak and all the reason why they're not number one is because the team that has about fifty five cents in salary cap I have no money to spend but they're supposed to extend our pledge amount I don't know how that's gonna work that's not gonna happen until next year it seems like at this point the reigning defending undisputed Superbowl champions all of the world the Kansas City Chiefs who seem like they won Super Bowl four years ago that was just a couple months ago I don't know how you're going to stop them I still don't know how you're going to stop them in that defense with the honey badger's gonna come back even longer I mean I feel like the chiefs are potentially the next dynasty how they handle success will be a big telling factor for that that'll have to see next year so in the AFC Vegas as these teams ranked higher than the Titans patriots colts Steelers and Browns Philip rivers in the cold snow love they're bringing a veteran quarterback with a great team around him will they be able to when I was very surprised about that the Pittsburgh Steelers getting Ben Roethlisberger back when they almost made the playoffs last year with Mason Rudolph in our diet doctor Hodges a quarterback no no offense a doctor or medicine those offenses were not moving much the defense was just so dominant they always make a playoff run now they get old Big Ben Roethlisberger back with that beard in a revenge body he said he's actually working out this offseason which is never done before never worked out not this deal is could be dangerous as well this used to be a big problem and also the patriots they have bill Belichick so you never know what's going to happen feels like they've lost everybody Josh McDaniels still up there though he has coached up quarterbacks become great throughout his entire tenure there a lot of back ups of gone on that success other places well they will be able to do that was set up will they be able to make lawyers plan for free next year a good quarterback arms and short I think you lost to many people it took Tom Brady for granted and now the pager ways going alternately and apply them in the **** and then on the other side the only team they had rates higher than the lowest was was the Vikings NFC was the cowboys and eagles and cowboys that that Prescott conversation I guess was not accurate from our Liz Loza okay we try to give Liz Loza credit over there Yahoo fantasy in and by the way I did have to take a shot at Yahoo just couple weeks ago because one of their reporters said that Indianapolis in our host anything right up yeah and I said I for I did even though the awesome sports was something so I hate that I'm even addressing this but since I have to put on for the city I like tell you to go he grumpy or whatever I had to do whatever I have to do so now Yahoo fantasy I thought was potentially getting the inside scoop on the back press thought Dallas cowboy a conversation with Liz Loza turns everybody saying there's no legitimacy to that at all and they are having conversations are not contentious but they're not close this was a top shot though and although she might have been told something that was just an actor somebody might offend her wrong information which is tough for insight as we talked about insiders we we analyze the insiders because they're the only information we have because we don't have one of those on our staff so we're paying attention the other insiders to kind of learn what they're seeing and what they're doing it's a hard game that insider game because what about the news we can't be wrong is wrong this credibility lose credibility numbers are gonna go to you ever again with any information and was a fall you then what are your non insider outsider that's tough it is tough that's why L. shifty whoa gin blazer and Florio these be how they stayed at the top in insiders is a is a question mark Dever however not burned too many bridges how they not got so many things wrong that nobody falls it's because it feels like those people are always right yes so if you're trying to get inside again you're going up hill battle we now try to get inside yeah I tried I don't like the pressure I don't like I do like the the feeling of putting something out there and then he got everybody attacking you could you could be wrong wondering if you're right he's got to sit there in your convictions well Hey this is accurate I said Marshall it's gonna be a writer before anybody two sources chemistry of two sources sources I broke the news but all day I was getting attacked all day Seahawks fans are coming in off the top rope you figure was played Oakland not Seattle Oakland fans come in no he always does it you idiot and I'm just like okay what am I doing to them long hold putting magazine he and I both reporting good to be here but that's not a place I want to live inside games on Sunday we have to get to bring after three well I felt really good I felt really good about thinking about football there and then you know I mean like when I was going to that lives there I was visualizing games ever happen it was like for a moment I was watching some.

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