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97.1 Wash at them. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no one is right. This very you tonight. Let's see now. So wonderful Christmas time Sampley. Wonderful Christmas time. The party's on feelings here. That only comes summer. Yeah, see little Christmas time. Wait a wonderful Christmas time Choir of Children sing this song. He's out. Town. No down Children. Hey, practice. Spirits up here tonight, and that's enough. Same time we're saved me first. Told parliament But don't tell that to the mornings right this very minute tonight. Oh, that's enough, boy. You simply know this was time, Sam. A wonderful Christmas time, Sammy. Washington's official Christmas music station. 97.1, Wash. FM, Where Toby and chilly in the morning. Thanks for starting your day without.

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