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Some people you just cannot please mark after having explained to him the difference between three days when police are still hunting for emotiv and three months when the killer told the police the motive before he was killed mark writes back in appreciate the attempted on air response your hypocrite now mark young male sit down a little but hurt that guy tweets and spot on with the abundant stock highly inaccurate way of shooting but the people were herded together i he fish in a barrel that's the thing about a bump stuck it it it's hard you can't really aim the gun while you're using a with a dump stock but when you're shooting at a large pool of people it's kind of like standing on a boat in shooting into the ocean you're not gonna hit the particular crest that you might have been aiming at but you're going to get it warner that's the difference and that's what makes this guy so evil this the ran random nature of is a group of people need apparently checked out other concerts and other events and looked at other cities and he'd been planning this for some time he's a special kind of evil it's disgusting but ed wanted to mention the the idea of terrorism as some people are saying waft racist they're not calling this terrorism just like with the bump stock how it does not convert a semi automatic weapon to an automatic weapon because those words those terms have very specific definitions terrorism has a very specific definition once we know this may well have been terrorism but we have to know the person's motivate if he's just an insane person hearing voices telling him to kill then he was probably a paranoid schizophrenic who did this and we need to deal with that but if if somebody has a very specific political moulded peresm as violence committed in the furtherance of a political 'cause we don't know that that's what this guy was trying to do what what his cause have been for example when we find out the mode of then we'll know whether or not it was terrorism the murderers by dylann roof were terrorism he stated unequivocally he wanted to start a race war well you're a monster you're an idiot you're going to get the death penalty in the world is going to get a better place and we'll have.

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