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I refuse to acknowledge that it's so great. And I am also calling into question. One thing. I thought the bears in the cardinals were the only two franchises that were in existence from that inaugural year right is in Arizona celebrating. And of course, they were the Chicago cardinals. And they went to Saint Louis, then they went out west. Thanks cardinals became the Arizona Cardinals. Right, right. Yes. You're absolutely correct. So I thought that the cardinals joined the bears as the two franchises that are still in existence from that inaugural season. But nevertheless, it's not the Packers are the Browns the Steelers or the giants or anybody else the bears turn one hundred and to celebrate that the bears and Packers will open the season. But they will not have an extra numeral underlines the rest of the schedule come out way. You know, usually you for the. My guest is a couple of weeks. We'll get the official date. I don't think we have an official date for bears Packers in London, excuse me. Bare raiders in London. We don't so we'll get all that in the next couple of weeks here Vegas did said it's over unders for the NFL season bears are set at nine and a half, by the way. Makes sense e v most I'm sorry, the six most in the NFL patriots at eleven chiefs ten and a half Rams at ten and a half saints at ten and a half charges at ten in the bears colts in eagles all at nine and a half. And I would think it's going to be over at least. I hope so because if they only went nine I think it's going to be a disappointing year for our beloved Chicago Bears twenty two teams now more than twenty four teams are predicted to win at least eight games where they put their number at eight at eight games you, and you know, that doesn't happen. No. Of course. No that doesn't happen. So the value comes in the under obviously, the under is where the value is. You just gotta fight which of those teams are gonna end up being in. You can make a killing this this to me looks like you can make a killing here. How is Hawaii by the way? It was fantastic vacation. We enjoyed it. Could the Pearl Harbor thing. Always very emotional on out by the USS, Arizona. Nice footage the National Park Service is wonderful job. Now, they've really got to we went onto both in the submarine there. They do a great job of explaining everything in the video. It's it's fantastic. So had a good time out. There was fun with diamond head. Love it. I've done that. That'd be a little bit of education because I had two young ladies with me. Daughter my daughter. So it was good time fun time we went and we drove around the whole island that long about six hours. No nine. Did you try surfing? No, no. When I was in Hawaii was not fun. Let's not get ridiculous. I mean, you're a good athlete kid. You only stand on my two feet knees. Hurt for heaven's sake. You still have good hands in good feet. I figured maybe give John was great..

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