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Blood of the victims and said hello to scale test is and stuff like that and so that was that was the the the result of Manson sending them out to the Terry Melcher house that Terry Melcher he mentioned you would no longer living there was was Manson obsessed with the Beatles Manson was obsessed with the Beatles because what he would do when I learned this because I went to the Spahn ranch very soon after the case broke wide open and I sat there listening to his acolytes who when all the info with emerges and I was stunned because I heard the message was that Manson made his father was believe that the Beatles white album songs like helter skelter piggies in revolution one messages secret message is the Manson warning him of an upcoming race riots and I mean that way that way there would be blood shed and Manson would then lead to the deaths at the state this massive at war and come out at the end of it at a free man I mean it's all a bit crazy when you put it in the perspective of now but that's what he made his drug addled believers and members of the family believes we're with iva Davis's book Manson exposed to reporters fifty your journey into bad this and murder did you ever have an opportunity to interview Charlie Manson in prison no I didn't interview Charlie Manson in prison but I did I was sitting about ten feet away from him watching him very closely for a year during the trial and I saw that he was an entertainer he was at this rap that he was a bit crazy and and it was a trial like nothing else on us because Manson you didn't excuse that know what to expect every day one day Manson jumped at the judge with F. shop pencil as she is you're gonna die old man so Manson I saw his antics I saw the way he handled the judge he handled himself and and then I saw I saw him in interviews and he was coming gobbledygook and at playing the poor button down man I I mean he was a great actor that's about as much as I can say about him why didn't his attorney ever tried to get him as you know insane well because all the attorneys for the girls wanted to go originally on the insanity plea Manson said no way and every time a lawyer showed up to say the goals were insane and some of them were insane right Leslie van.

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