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Different shop local in Arlington Heights. Learn more at discover Arlington dot com Your next traffic reports 6 58 on NewsRadio 7 81 of 5.9 of them. The WBBM AccuWeather forecast for the rest of this Thanksgiving day partly to mostly cloudy skies with alone. You're 37 degrees. Those clouds will give way to sunshine tomorrow for a mild high of 46 degrees. Then clear to partly cloudy skies tomorrow night chillier, though ah, low of 28 degrees currently under partly cloudy skies. It's 42 degrees at O'Hare also 42 at Midway 39 degrees in Aurora and 43 degrees at the lakefront at 6 50. Chicago's most trusted stop for updated news minute by MINUTE news radio 7 81 5.9 FM. The fitness industry has changed dramatically during the pandemic as the Corona virus outbreak has temporarily shuttered gyms and limited indoor workouts. WBBM is Lisa Fielding tells us about one Chicago Jim that's expanded outdoors. It is hosting virtual classes in light of Illinois's latest coronavirus mitigation. Indoor group. Fitness classes are restricted, which is forcing some gyms to pivot once again to keep their doors open and patron safe. Have a team that's resilient and just, you know, mar a lot. A lot of great people that keep pushing the pedal on wellness, David Blitz with Studio three says. Since the pandemic began, they've launched a new booking platform. Ah, live streaming module live with as three and opened an outdoor workout experience called the Arena 50 socially distance. That forms the turf covered platforms, 6 ft Apart, and in September we opened actually covered outdoor. Uh, facility under an old bank drive to right at our making part facility. A 24 hour, one, North, Hall said. Blitz says wellness has ever been more critical during the pandemic. Studio three, has space in Lincoln Park and River North and will soon open a third studio and Fulton Market. Lisa Fielding NewsRadio one of 5.9. FM, the European Union has fined two pharmaceutical companies for collusion. TVA and Cephalon have agreed to pay a combined total of $72 million. The companies were accused of keeping a cheaper medication for a sleep disorder off the market for years to increase profits.

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