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Dot p. r. slash turning the tables. It's bowls Jesse thorn with me now, music legend, Randy Newman. He's playing the Hollywood bowl on Sunday, August twelfth. If you're up in northern California, you can see him at the Luther Burbank center in Santa Rosa on August. Fourth, I have a question for you as a transplanted Angelina your native Angelino. Yes, pretty much. So your famous hit song? I love LA. To what extent is the message of the song? Literal? And to what extent is the message of the song? Ironic. From your perspective, as the guy who wrote wrote in recorded the song. It's a difficult one. I say it's pretty close to fifty fifty, but the most no power is with the positive. I love LA you know, all the little jokes about the bum and the big red head and and the appeal highway, which if you, if you live here, you know the imperial highway is not the shots set. And I picked the streets like that except for six. So I would say that it's very good questions about half in half. I mean, I I have to say like as a as when I didn't live in Los Angeles, I would hear the song. Oh yeah. Randy Newman's really giving Los Angeles. The business in Los Angeles has earned it. You know what I mean? Like he's really taking these really taking those big blonde haired so. And is so and so's down APAC. Right. That's fine. I don't mind right along with the red at all. But yeah, feel like as I've as I've lived in, I've lived in Los Angeles for a decade. Now I feel that it is rather than a takedown. It is sort of an acknowledgment of some of the inherent grotesquery of Los Angeles celebration of lack of depth. Of of the simple pleasures, simple stupid even. Yeah, definitely. It's, you can't write a chamber of commerce song about an American city. What are you gonna do. I mean, I like left my heart and San Francisco. I love song and you could write that one. Now you're a hell of a time. You might be able to write that one to maybe have to be for show though. I mean what? Jay z Alicia Keys to pretty good New York. That's pretty good. You bet. Okay. I'm glad to hear that. Do you do you get pumped when they played at the end of the dodgers game or whatever. It's nice. It's not bad in a lot of they'll have a lot of Latin fans, and they. They know who I am more than the Anglo fans at at the game for some reason. Do you enjoy the way that writing for higher asks you to kind of being emotional craftsperson get out of yourself? Yeah, very much. I would never have written. You got a friend when somebody think from twisters two ton of these song called look see smile, which I just never would have thought of. I'm glad that I get pulled out of the muck and mire to do something like that stuff assignment writing. I'm not miss this -sarily confident that I can sit down and write a song or I can sit down and do a queue. You know a movie music, but I am sure that if you give me an assignment and give me some words that you wanna convey adjectives also, I can write that. Yeah, you just take you just take a list of three or four adjectives friendly. You want friendly, comforting dangerous. Yeah, and I get it back then if they change their mind, do I can do something else? What are you most proud of in your career. That I write will to assign as one of them actually. I'm proud of. Instances in both fields. Worth. I pushed myself a bit taking some chance. I know I'm always taking chances with what I do. It's a bit of a push like. The great debate on the first whatever I called. I forgot what I call. I think that's it. On the last record. It's the great debate. Yeah. And at the time, David fat boy and some of the music from. Monsters where you had forty five minutes. What do you couldn't do it consonants? You couldn't write a straight vanilla corridors courts love and Stephen foster loved. So I had to go and do distance..

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