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I our guest Bob Reed Miller a great information cactus succulents. And of course, if you have any leftover questions John did right half the books. John is still here as well. Now, let me ask you this. We didn't touch upon this. Where did you get the pictures for the book, and who took the pictures, John give any credit photographer took the pictures? Really? That was going to be whoops. There goes my mind that was going to be my second. Guess I guess I guess I should say guest as people we have on the show, and you'd have to look at the book because to be honest. I can't remember her. Okay. But I I don't I don't remember if I ever met her in person because again being out of commission during a lot of that. Right. I'm Bob worked directly with her the night. Your timing was good. I told Bob that whole fall he took. You know, what he's milking this big time. I wanted to mention though that this time of year, if you are it depends where you are in the country. But I'll tell you if you're in the San Diego earlier, southern California with the rains, we've had it's the perfect time of the year for working out in the yard weeds. Come up real easy. If you've got pull we sure, but because I'm moving I I'm digging up a lot of things and transplanting them. And you have to move roses timing here the perfect time of year. It's a great time of year for moving almost anything except tropicals. You know, you don't really wanna mess with tropicals during the cold months, but every doormat correct? Well, it's not only that they're dormant. But because they're sensitive to cold weather, if you damage the root system and get a toast. Yeah. And you get cold that goes into that and bacteria starting and root rot. Just not good news. I'm very familiar with your backyard and most of your plant material. What is the biggest plant tree, whatever that you? You have to move that you're going to take with you. That's going to be a challenge. I think there's one I'm not sure I can move Tigers going to help me move some of this stuff. But one I would like to move is a trachea carpet. Tequila, tequila. Okay. It's a dwarf windmill palm and the one in my yard stance about. Five feet tall. But it's forty years old. I'm going to imagine very slow growing. And it's reached it's height after forty it'll keep growing, but slow it's five forty years a lot. So that that is maybe the biggest plant that I would move. But I also have some Australian grass trees that I grew from seed, and they're they're virtually impossible to find. I don't I don't think tiger. You've probably never even sold any internet thing since we're talking real estate, John. My next question is this you've got people that you sold the house. They've agreed on the price. They're going to buy it, right? How did you negotiate that backyard in terms of they know what you're taking in? What's gonna stay first of all? I I well, I'm showing him around. I determined how much do you really know about plants, and they they're from Florida. Okay. So they are kind of used to tropical things, and they like evergreens, but I mean, they're happy with Bert paradise. And sure the typical stuff like that. So I did they said now everything's staying except the pots, right? I go y'all pots are going to be gone. And then there's some plants in the back that I wanted to go up, which is where these Australian grass desire and things like that that they would never know that they were gone. Just the whole empty area that whole back areas kinda you get into no man's land. And you're like, okay, whatever let's go back. Right. What's GPS to find the house? Well, congratulations on this failed. It takes a little pressure off heavily started construction yet. No, k still empty pallets still. Yep. Okay. There's a lot going on there. And. The area. I thought was going to be my rose garden right now may not end up being a rose garden because of soil. No, the soils excellent. But my wife wants some type of cash crop to help pay for water and stuff and right now, we're investigating on growing coffee on the property, but the most ideal part of the property for coffee is right where the rose garden was going to be and they can make. Hey tiger. Let's see if we can answer a question real quick. Yes. Mona had also asked know of any good grow lights to use for indoor during the winter. What do you look for to make sure it's adequate? Now, I was looking there was a company that made a lot of good just kits residential kits for grow lights called hydro farm. And I was just looking at their website to give her a make and model of a kit that I suggested, but it seems like they moved more into commercial grow lights. Yes. So I don't I don't necessarily know of hydro farm would be the best choice for a little kit. But Mona the one thing that you want to consider for grow lights for winterizing houseplants or bringing other plants inside. Is that I they they produce a lot of really good LED lights now in the LED ones. Give a lot of different wavelengths in light, which are really good for just basic houseplants. Some of some of the grow lights that are out. There are meant for commercial growing. You know, there there's you know, the different gas lights for lice and lights things like that. But if you're just looking for a simple house plant or indoor plant light kit. Look for an LED one. They're real easy to use. They don't get too hot. And they produce a lot of different wavelengths for light which are important for the plants, especially if you're keeping him indoor through the winter, and you can leave them running for long periods of time without completely draining your electricity Bill as well. So I wish I could give you a name and a brand of one. But the one source that I had that I was gonna suggest I don't think produces in a residential. You're more commercial. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You know, if you really want to find out about grow lights, go to any hydroponics store. Oh, yeah. Well, they're all setup for growing plants. Yeah. Yeah. And and now it's legal to do that feel comfortable to walk right in at all the cannabis growers. I mean, they they knew everything that was required for lights any pa- Melfi. So you can do the same thing. And now like you're saying with the LED lights, there are friends Steve Goethe was involved in an operation where they were growing tomato crops in warehouses, and they were lighting plants from the side and the top. So I if you grow tomatoes commercially and get production out of a warehouse, you'll do fine lights. Yeah. There's there's a lot of solutions up there that that shouldn't cost too much. No. And I was going to say that same thing as if you go to a hydroponic shop. They have they have nice little home kits right at, you know, aren't you expensive easy to use you just plug them in and put a timer on them. And they're good to go. So it used to be though, and I'm not sure because I haven't been involved with the indoor lighting for a long time. But back in Michigan when we would setup lights additional lights for house plants in the winter. It was always important that the light source was very close to the plant. You know, like you couldn't put a light in the ceiling inhabit light up the plants below the plants when it really benefit from that very much. So what you would need would be to be within six to twelve inches from the top of the plan. I don't know if that's still true. Yeah. Because I can pick Chanel the indoor hydroponic growing right into the lights are all hunger. Oh, yeah. Grow low. Exactly. Yeah. That would make sense now. But you know, if it is a lot of people will take a shelf a shelf. Unit like metal shelving units stack all their house once on that. They'll mount a a light. Exactly. And you know, that usually works out, really. Well, if you do the LED ones, you don't have to worry about 'cause they used a lot of heat, and they are close, and you're running your heater in the in the wintertime because you wanna be comfortable you can make it too hot for your plan. So the LED fluorescent tubes, which weren't that hot coal burning flares. Right. As we stepped us think they were called full spectrum. We're the best. So yeah, Mona check a local shop. But I think for years situation. Probably an LED little light van would be really easy to use them. Like, we said mounted on the shelf in LA last forever and their lot cheaper. Well, they're getting cheap. Yellow pages. I mean at shop they are kept. We need to do that. You're probably within five minutes of applause. Video where she lives. We don't know where Mona lives. That's true. As I recall it in Utah. Listen, east county east county. They were the first ones to go ahead. They're so that'd be fine. Mona. Okay. Facebook live questions comments just like Mona in Rick and other so far eight five five four two four nine eight hundred five here, biz talk radio them up. And up here coming up. So, hey, you know, celebrate coming up coming up is this since after dig up a lot of my stuff from my house or I'm just leaving it there. There might be some things you want. I'm thinking of some bulbs that are going to be coming up in blooming in the spring tropicals high business, they kind of look look tropical my biscuits are too big for you. But we'll see do you still have your filthy, mafia? Yes. Is it should be coming up now with another bullets fine. I've got I've got several blooms on it. The thing is though the leaves get a Little Brown on the sides. What does that from? I thought some hallway good. Yeah. So more rain water than it is break time coming back. John Belk NASCAR. Pella, fox. I'm Brian main. This is garden America coming to you live on Facebook. 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