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You have at least one main take home message. One actionable item. You can implement in your career exploration this year. I want to bring you more with papa peachy. I've recently started to have listener. Check ins on instagram. Where i let you share your academic journey so far and answer some of your questions live also for you who are new listener. I've just curated themed collections of episodes. I call starbucks to allow you to catch up on all the conversations and easily find the ones that interest you you can find them by visiting. Papa need dot com for slash. Start and i have big plans for the two thousand twenty one like improving the accessibility of each interview by having someone prepare and applaud clean transcripts or being able to better than guests for their generosity and time coming on the show with the gift for example bringing up a phd to you every week in the current format is a lot of hard work so to help. Keep the project float. I've set up a new way for you to support the the patriot on to be clear. You don't have to be a patron to listen to the beach. it's free and it will always be and you have my profound appreciation for tuning in each week and for talking about the show with your friends but for you who want to help you maintain the quality of the show and potentially bring to life some of the cool ideas i have for it. You don't have a simple way to do so. Just go to papa..

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