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Anywhere except that the comedy magic club and within ads or these incredible jokes he had what joe greece said you know i got no issues with the with the immigrants in america i wish jorge lopez could come up right now and take over the sat yeah i really miss boys his leg channelling zoom let's take a quick break have a quick word from one of our sponsors who wifi is something you don't really think about until you don't have it or it's not working properly videos buffering wi fi dead zones when you roam around the house to many devices connecting installing everything down and with the holidays there's always more people home connecting their devices all fighting for why fine but wounds the last time you upgrade your widely at home love you want better wifi everywhere check out an awardwinning or be wifi system from net gear or base the simplest and smart smartest way to get super strong bast wifi in every corner of your home one wifi network that's easy to install you can set it up in minutes and then you end the family will be enjoying faster and more reliable whole home wifi from her basement to your backyard so what are you waiting for your wifi world and get an rv that's bull rbi wifi system from that care for better why pay everywhere visit net gearcomor being neck year otcomo r b i think all right and now back to my conversation with judd appetito wondering i wanted to ask you about as you're you're producing style tim because i know you use letting improving in films in antibes jim philosophy around that are you trying to find like um more meaning or you just trying to find better jokes because a because there's two different uh tax in that or is it like a combination step for you just you know do you have oh i know you're movies aren't like kerber you just have an idea of would scenes are and that's your thing but i know that you do find the lat while you're making the moby as well well i always feel like the actor has a lot to give them.

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