New York, White House, Arraf Fox discussed on Mark Levin


Art radio station new action to combat the corona virus sign Lisa listen Arraf fox news president trump what the announcement this morning at the White House corona virus briefing president trump announcing that he's invoking the defense production act which will allow the administration to expedite and expand the supply of much needed resources we have a tremendous numbers of ventilators but there's never been an instance like this where no matter what you have it's not enough that would be the case the president's action could streamline production of medical supplies by requiring businesses to sign contracts were fulfilled orders deems necessary for national defense socks is John Jack or the White House and Senate approving faced too many economic response to the virus that would cover the cost of testing and paid sick leave a third phase already being considered that could top a trillion dollars payments could start April six that another round would start may sixteenth they've Connecticut reporting its first death from the virus an eighty eight year old nursing home resident in Pennsylvania an adult from north Hampton county has died marking the first death in that state the virus affecting the New York Stock Exchange and not just the markets to their stock exchange employees did test positive for Kobe in nineteen we're told that it's one employee that works upstairs another one that works on the floor as a trader however they are psychic Shane just telling us that that trader was stopped at the front gate they've been taking everybody's temperatures on their foreheads and had to fill out forms get a stamp in order to enter the building the trader was turned around and told to go home and the New York Stock Exchange will close on Monday everyone will turn to all electronic treating Kristina Partsinevelos with fox business the Dow plunged thirteen hundred points the nasdaq lost three in a forty four point yes in P. all the hundred thirty one points.

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