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If you've got a couple forty eight hours of a heat storm. You know where you've got wind coming in it's dry storm and you're in the hundred degree range. Be careful you're probably gonna lose power so then you decide what you're going to do for your house because it could be one hundred degrees outside and tell you what food does not last long and refrigerator when it's one hundred degrees inside your house. It's just not that efficient. So you're gonna lose a lot of stuff. Are you ready with a generator. Are you ready to go someplace. Because we're not just talking one little area. You could have an entire metropolitan area get shut down on power so there's no going to a hotel star localized power outage this would be a large blackout event. So make sure that you have got extra water. Put away the. You've got all these things to make sure that you're ready to go in case of emergency. I think this is going to be one of those years. We're going to see that ramp up and see a lot more of this. They've sure been looking at it. Testing it along You know across the west coast. So i've got a generator that can run for days on end to run my house. It was Strong enough to run my air conditioning and refrigerators not so worried about the about the water heater and the lights. I can survive that in the summertime. Even though it would run that but i i i'd be pushing it by running the water heater and all that stuff with the a c at the same time. But you get my drift. Make sure that your setup for this. Because i think this is going to be the year that we really got to watch out. Because for instance here in the portland oregon area where i'm at right. Now come out this weekend record breaking all time. June temperatures. We could be depending on what news source. You're looking at could be one hundred five. We could be hundred ten. I saw one hundred twelve. I don't know where it's going to be considering. What forty to. Fifty percent of our market has air conditioning. Yeah there's gonna be a lot of people as well as the homeless out there. So that's going to be its own little mass but make sure you're prepared. I'm warning you right now this next year or two not only. Should you make sure you have got a way to keep cool. But make sure you can stay hydrated. Make sure that you can survive through that. Because i think we're setting up. All it takes is one windstorm. And you're going to see power get taken down so be prepared for that guys. I'm too. I think this is going to be the time to get that generator or make sure that you've got the fuel for the generator and all of that stuff. So you're going to be good to go that way you'll be fine but make sure your fuel for a couple of days so make sure you are stocked up and ready to go that way. It's not a concern and then make sure you're staying healthy out there. Make sure in heat storms as well like this where we the wind in the in the heat and all that stuff coming in any of those kind of stormy weather summertime extreme heat conditions. Make sure that you're checking on your neighbors. Be a good neighbor. Make sure that that elderly lady on the corner from your house is looking good that she's fine check in to make sure everybody's doing okay in your neighborhood that way. Everybody can stay a little bit safer all right. That's my warning ran for this week on our mid week. Special coming up on saturday. We've got a fun. Show ahead our number two. We've got a killer interview with roger wakefield expert plummer leadej. ap owner of texas green plumbing outside of dallas. Texas is a buddy of mine. I have hung out with him in dallas. We hung out in vegas. The trade show together for little bit where we got to talk for just a moment but this guy is the real deal and he's coming back on the show and he's got some great tips for you when you're hiring a plumber. And he's got a great talk about the trades as well as some of the tricks at some of the undesirable out. There there's always a handful no matter what trade you're in that are scamming people. So he's got some good warnings there as well and that's gonna be a key and this weekend we're gonna talk about on around the house. I've got carolina. Be back in the studio coast again with me. We've been having a blast with that. We're gonna be talking about removing walls. If you want to open up that floor plan in your house what do you. What should you be thinking about. What are the things that you should be diving into. What should be paying attention to. Do you get a permit. You talk to an engineer. Is it going to mass with your heating and cooling water the things that you need to pay attention to before you do demo day and go in there like chip and joanna gaines and start swinging the sledgehammer and destroying stuff. We don't want to see causing accent there. Damage your home. So we've got some great tips for you all that and more coming up on this weekend on around the house with eric cheap looking forward to this weekend we're gonna have a great show ahead and the next week we've got some great content as well so you don't wanna miss. It aren't already mixture. You check out all the podcasts. We've got cheese rover thousand podcasts. Out there that you can catch out there so make sure you listen back. We've got some great stuff that I don't think even been explored yet so you make sure and take a listen to that and the next week. Here's another little one. I've got a new show intro. We designed out a brand new show trump. It's going to be a lot of fun and kind of give you a taste of what's going on the show. That'll be coming up on saturday on round the house and have a great rest of the week. Stay safe out there and all of you out. There have a green rescue on saturday. Expedition to rally around the house with eric. G is produced bike designed by eric in association with salem media and distributed nationally whether some broadcast group all rights reserved copyright twenty twenty designed by eric. We will be back next week at this part of this show. Check out the podcast of all of our shows at around the house. Online dot com. Remember measure with micrometer mark with caulk and cut with an axe. Thanks for listening to around the house..

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