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Can't fix stupid you know what it is forever or they fixed through is down there to baptist hospital there you go listen i had a brother and that's i still have a brother and but once he got bigger than me we quit doing the we could we quit doing the train collision jared brother affiliate i've told the story several times where i mean we had bottle rocket wars we would go down to the magic mart and by the blow the inflatable rafts with the plastic hours and we would solve the in half with a hacksaw and use them as a bazooka and light bottle rockets inside the bazooka and fire them at each other i remember is clear as yesterday mom walking out into the backyard and shelby north carolina putting her hands on her hips and going ryan and sam mcgee quit throwing that dog doodoo at each other it's morning mcgee on espn radio and espn sometimes saturday morning comes quicker than expected i would never do such more from my boys mardian mcgee coming up hi i'm jason greer of greer tanking welding in fairbanks alaska we get some pretty tough conditions here like wind snow and extreme cold which is probably why the post it notes folks came and gave us a bunch of their new posted extreme notice to test out and they didn't disappoint i've stuck them on all sorts of rough surfaces like brick wooden concrete and i have to say these things really help me communicate with my team.

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