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That's the Silk Road ensemble led by the famed cellist yo yo ma and featuring will mon playing the Chinese people the type of loot at the beginning of the peace and K. Han called for playing the Camanche if the Persian fiddle at the end of the piece they are both famous within their musical traditions as well and the David Bruce wrote this piece called cut the rug to four part work this is the part called drag the goat fun piece that he wrote for the Silk Road ensemble before that Robert Plant and his sensational space shifters and a version of poor Howard folk song associated with the singer Leadbelly arranged and adapted by Robert Plant and company and you notice how he like Rhiannon Giddens uses the banjo in this kind of mixed cultural setting the banjo is a great instrument for this sort of thing because its roots are in West Africa but it has you know a century and a half of association with American traditional music as well so it's it's able to exist in the music too the the two different hemispheres and on this edition of new sounds we'll hear another set that brings us another track from Rhiannon Giddens and her record there is no other happens to be another track without banjo but before we get to that let's stick with yo yo ma and the Silk Road ensemble for a moment and their version of an old Venetian song called keep pasta pesto strada Venice was the western most end of the Silk Road so it was just depending on your direction the beginning or the end of that long trade route and so you have again all the sounds from the far east and central Asian the near eastern Mediterranean all coming together in the Silk Road ensemble it's a lively number obviously dance tune and then we'll hear Rhiannon Giddens and Francesco to re see doing a version of pizza the sun veto this is kind of example of some of the trance dancing of southern Italy and again featuring this kind of relentless rhythmic energy from a Persian frame drum but again both of these songs are originally from Italy.

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