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My relation that's all concerned about who's figure at eight ada ruina from tulane university all of a sudden on the radar for radar atop defensive lineman and a eight hours looking at originally you move to america from nigeria to play basketball but then how did that work out all of a sudden you coming to the promised land so to speak to play basketball but you wanna get paid to play and you end up playing football and now the opportunity the nfl dreams the play on sunday in the nfl well it was one of the dream come true i knew if i need to be honest with you i never knew i'm gonna be i am to do like you said i came to play basketball and my sophomore year i got introduced to on a by you coach he told me one day we i think we just got you bought and he just looking at my body structure he told you like i did i think you you'll fit in if you eat you play football and i told him that i was like hey coach i don't know nothing about food but i've never i mean i don't know what your rules i never did and you can have the softball i would love to try anybody who's willing to teach you and that's when all started from my first candidate i went through the summertime was uab and from there everything just went good for me and i study off from moscow's even though i haven't even played with down football before going through the cabinet people love what i do i.

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