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In fact that when hit hip thoughts and you WANNA prove calls them but. A what's What I think it's really really difficult as that start with that. This is challenging in its complex and I think it requires the I think requires. The thing I love about the. The meaniful pe work is it's joined-up thinking. Thinking this spice for the research. And the academic and the spice for the practitioner. To bugs cross rose and to absolutely collaborate and I don't think we can have. Any progress on engage in more young people positively in physical activity until we really. The wait until that becomes the absolute default position I don't think we could really sustain. Academics during their things and practitioners doing nothing never took makes a really difficult and then you got a huge question of way the we go for inspiration and evidence research. In order to to bring that into the spice is pay. Because they you know wanted things that I've learned in the last few years is. We enjoy inspiration from many different fields to contribute to. that. So one of the big challenges of probably the weakness is coming from a critical perspective starting off with appropriate and then looking at. Constructive solutions if that, if if there is such a thing as a solution is. That we've we've been taking policy in practice from such, a small cross section of society for so long is absolutely shocked will physical education has become what how it's constructed the meaning attached to it, the news and the outcomes that are attached to it. I mean you have to look at the purpose of study statement on upbeat in eastern but. The in England, the wells as the national curriculum. And the purpose of study says, what is the purpose of PA and it's a one paragraph it's a six seven line paragraph. Highly, highly problematic. It's boone out of very specific call it the owner j gendered in class and rice, and it all comes together in those seven sentences. So what does that mean? So it's three sentences lawn..

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