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So i. Ah Yes thank. You will from America for the theme to this week in survivor and I thought not that the man behind this week in survivor history was going to sing the opening lyrics like he said he was going to do just a second ago Let's find out what gives with Mr Jordan Kayla. I got cold feet and I hope you sing. It was a joke. It was uh-huh actually wanted me to say. Oh yeah talk about tweets. Yes well and it was a conversation similar to one. Ah on several months ago with Akiva Winokur who I believe is scheduled to still be a guest on this podcast. Some point this season that you said that you know with the opening lyric is in. Let's talk about twitch. Let's talk about tweets which I didn't know until talking to America about the song but yeah I guess we have had this conversation before and I'm just like bad doing my best of these point. Yeah because well will we ever had this on the podcast. This conversation was this was. This was post post recording. Maybe baby the song was called the. Let's let's talk about twists or let's talk about twitch and take a quiz. I guess that's true. We talk we talk about the weeds and and we take a quiz. Yeah all right well. I'm very excited to have this woman here with us on twitter for this week and she ah for my understand has never appeared on the quiz and we don't know why. I thought that she was not pro quiz but she says that she is so. Let's find out what's going on here with the CO host of our bachelor wrap up. Everybody knows her in terms of that being an expert `expert on all of the snack chat going on. Here is the Great Haley strong. Haley how are you. I'm doing well. Thank you for having me. Hey this is a big snapchat weak and even though I'm Canadian I am find to be quizzed about all of the American thanksgiving traditions. Hold that thought. We'll talk about that too. Yes yes so. Let's talk about your plane. Haley strong has never been on twitch. You're right I believe that's a travesty but I think I'm biased. So I've been in waiting for my call I'd say since twitch began seeing all of my friends from the divers go on twitch and like I never got the call all and I didn't like message you and be like. Hey Why am I even on twitter. Because I didn't want to forward or whatever and instead of Jordan messages me on the blue the other day and said hey you wanna be on this. What did I respond Jordan like yes finally? I'm so excited. Thank the Lord. What's the deal George Wyatt? Why haven't we ever had Haley? Take the twist quiz before so as I told as I told HAL. This explanation is that I have thought for some reason. I don't know how this happened. It was in my head that two years ago I and Message Sally about doing the quiz and she said that she was very flattered that I I asked but she was not she did not want to do the trivia however this is a conversation that never happened since the conversation that I had with somebody else and in my head or whatever the reason I attributed it to Halley so it was I guess kind of like a Bernstein Berinstain bear situation I thought I asked Clinton I thought she said no so this this season now that we're doing pinch quizzes I was like Oh perfect can have how strong we could get a pinch closer then. I looked back at our chats on twitter on facebook and I realized I have never asked her to be on the show so we don't even need offense blizzard and I just assumed that you hated me. I'm a stand I love that you do and like I. I have a tendency to be kind of you know in my real life and podcasting live to be like slightly forgotten about whatever just because you know other people come to top of mind I so I just figured like Oh. I'm not not who Jordan wants for this. I was always just kind of like. Oh okay I got it you want other like like I get it but I don't fit for waiting patiently for my call and I'm so excited that I finally got. Yeah well you're here and I will say this Halley. I I have listened. I believe two more episodes of your bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise Recap than I have watched the bachelor in paradise it is episodes so I am a fan. I'm so sorry you've got to go through the city Bachelor in paradise or you listen to one and you watch zero Bachelor in paradise. Episodes sounds I watched two episodes of Bachelor in paradise this season I may be listened to four or five of the gas. Okay as long as you hit download. You don't even have to listen. And as long as there's downloading the episodes I find with that. Yeah okay all right so Haley that on behalf of Jordan Kayla. I just want to apologize again for having you on sooner I'm actually breakdown breakdown and rectify. Yeah I don't know where anyone Haley's anti quiz because I like I like quizzes. I'm not as good at it as many people you know around. But that's fine. Not everyone has to be a ton of ten. Some of us are happy being six six point five. I'm ready. I'm ready to do this. High depends on the question. Go to ball. I hear you on it. Depends on the questions on. It's been are going to be great as they as they always are all right so anyway Haley. So what's what's been going on. It's it's not. Your busy season season in terms of this is my. This is my off season for a lot of staff I my jobs are pretty crazy. I work at a seasonal restaurant and I also work in event planning and then the Bachelor and Bachelor in paradise. All that stuff happens in the summer so my summers are like Super Jam packed so October. November December is kind of like my offseason. So I'm just having a great time relaxing Ethan. I I don't know if I talked to you since this happened. Ethan I got engaged. Engage this summer right at the end they're gonNA lesions Z Q and we just got a kitten this week. So that's been a real fun fun. Funnel side project going on. But Yeah I've just been chilling grilling and whatever else rams with that zone. So what do you what do you do name. What did you name the getting? His name is Jasper so That was the name the shelter gave him him and all of his siblings. It named after twilight characters so there is Emmett Jasper Rowsley and Alice and like do toilet now. Did I think that the jobs were fit this cat. Yes so he kept it. We thought it was pretty decent one because sometimes will go into shelters and their names are going to be like a spot not keeping spot like sorry no offense to does his head turning spot just like was not for us. Whatever happened to Taylor Lautner? He's still around show he was in this really great British. Oh a couple of seasons. What's it called? Oh my God it's called Kuku to know Kuku so it's on Netflix. You should watch. It's really funny. The first season has Andy Sandberg the next couple of Taylor honor and like that's the last thing man. I don't know what he's up to like super currently but like the Google search certainly currently some things about why why are there are reasons. Why Hollywood won't cast Taylor Lautner? Yeah it seems like maybe that. Put that on the rap wheel the rise and fall of Taylor. Lautner isn't. Isn't there like a picture like a comparison picture of him. That's like one of his first Google results where it's just him and Alama and they look very similar. They talk for for a couple of months from now. Okay all right. All right we're let we got the Get into survivor. Of course we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA talk about some some fun stuff along the way but hale age wanted to. I actually what I wanted I want to ask you about was that of course survivor. has this ongoing scandal from everything that came out of last week's episode. But what I wanted to get your take on. Was that a couple of seasons ago. I think it might have been like a year and a half ago that there was a issue where the Bachelor in paradise ended ended up having a scandal where that there was an issue during the production of Bachelor in paradise. And I know the story like anecdotally but I just wanted to see how if there's any sort of parallels between the response that ABC had in terms of handling that that situation and where we're has the network on wrong so far with this sure and so. Yeah it's going to be hurt to look back on this season with survivor and not have an not focus on this blemish and so the Bachelor in paradise situation it was within the first like two days as a filming it might have been the first night of filming. Two contestants had a lot to drink and they're getting pretty hot and heavy and then something's went down. A producer stopped it and made a complaint to the head of the company or the headed production or whatever and then they completely shut down production like so. They film usually in June for like an end of July August viewing in war. Whatever so they shut down they completely shut down production for three weeks to investigate? What happened and I think it's warner brothers? Who produces the show? ABC They had an investigation. They flew everyone home for Mexico while they completed the investigation and then they found around that it wasn't necessarily the issue they thought it was. Maybe so everyone came back and they recorded this conversation. Chris Harrison had with everybody. Everybody saying everyone's views and thoughts about what happened And what will be going on the future and some things that that are in place now because of the situation because it's it is different because people are eating and drinking and so on Bachelor in paradise which are not on survivor. So a lot of you know not not standards. But you've got to have a lot of inhibitions that just aren't argument they are are when you're sober. Yeah definitely different very much apples and oranges in terms of Of the two specific instances is this is I was just more interested to know in terms of how it was handled at the time. Hell if I remember also was did blow up really big in the news like when it happened happened as opposed to when it aired on the TV show. Yeah we're broke in in the early June time that everyone ruined got sent home and why it happens in who it was between and what was going on and then so they put rules in place. They can only have two drinks per hour if anybody wants to intercourse intercourse with somebody else. They have to go to our producer and say like yes. I want to intercourse with this person. The other person asks say the same thing like hardcore consent. They're they're really really hard core about these things and so it'll be interesting to see where survivor goes from here. If they have like you have to ask asked to touch people or hug and you know because sometimes context is key but when people are verbally saying yes or no..

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