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Name is Daniel Brühl, and I'm from this neighborhood. My parents are from Dominican Republic and I want to share just like a little story I had in my life in school. I was a little bullied a lot because people would say that I'm pretty annoying and stuff and now that I'm in like 6 and 7th grade, I'm more of like a relaxed person, I guess. I don't really say a lot of people. And if someone does say something to me, I'd stand up for myself, that kind of like lets me down, but now I don't let it ruin my day and I just go on my name is Jacqueline Stevens. I'm a pastry chef in the owner of Lizzie street's NYC here in la marqueta. I'm here today giving out free samples of banana pudding. I'm actually testing out new recipe, which I made with a banana forster middle. I started actually cooking and my mother's apartment, which is two blocks from here. And I'm pretty sure she's happy that I'm out her kitchen now. 'cause I used to make a mess. I went to culinary school during the pandemic. So I'm a pandemic graduate. And then I also had the opportunity to open up the store in la marqueta and here we are. We opened in July, and we're going strong now. My name is Tommy Israel and I live in east Harlem, New York. My story is complicated one. Being 52 are coming out in a cracker, where nobody really at that time wanted to be Michael Jordan. In the guys we saw in the streets was our Michael Jordan. We wanted to be the guys who we saw and touched and that we can see and we can smell. It Knowles wasn't the right people to follow. And by the time you realize that you were shipped somewhere like a place called Attica

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