Komi Danna, FBI, President Trump discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


It's not. It's not it's not that. I I don't think anybody who's convinced that the president did this on behalf of Russia. You know prior Komi, but you know, but if but. But you know, they had but the act with the active Meiring, but the simple act of firing Komi, you know, gone you make or toll congress at that was considered a Finnish. Is it clear? Whether the counterintelligence investigation was ever wrapped up. I I don't know if that's the case today, we say that in the story. I'm sure it's something baller. You know, if he writes her forty it's like, that's something. He could explain or Adam golden if you will please stick around with us. I want to also bring in CNN chief political correspondent Dana bash in USA today. Call him as Kirsten powers is with us as well. And on the phone FBI supervisory special agent Josh Campbell who served as a special assistant to director Komi Danna. I to you on this in this gets to the article references point there are many within the intelligence community, and certainly within the president's orbit who say that this and other things represent serious overreach by the FBI, potentially. Obviously would love to hear joshes versus that's t was not only working for the FBI, but working for James, call me, look at I think what is what is really an unknown here. What let you take a state best. Back. This is very explosive, and it's obvious. Why the FBI didn't want anybody to know about this at all the notion as you were getting with atom of investigating president of the United States to see if the American president is working for the Russians is just it just it's almost too much to wrap your mind around having said that we don't know what happened, and we don't know how quickly it wrapped up if it's wrapped up, and obviously it's it's it's connected to the much larger Robert Mueller investigation. This is before. Yes, it seems as though the FBI started. This before Robert Mueller was appointed by rod Rosenstein Muller took it over in merge to an extent, we believe the intelligence and the criminal investigation Josh Campbell. You were there at the time. First of all explain to us or verify what you can about this reporting. Yeah. So so John have to be obviously, very careful with information that I talk about that. I knew when I was in the FBI, and as you mentioned working for director Komi, you know, after he was fired. I continued on in my role as a special system to the director. So again, I mentioned that just say that any employee takes note that he won't divorce certain things, but I will say those we can speak kinda hypothetically about the mechanics and the impact of such an investigation..

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