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Chiefs chargers match up on your radar as one of your favorite games. This Sunday. Why? Well, without question it is, I think it's the biggest game of the week and. Everybody wants to decide, hey, we're going to crown the LA chargers. As that west champions. I don't see it that way. The west goes through Kansas City. The chargers have not one in four years against the chiefs, so it's a huge game. It's at your stadium. So if you're the chargers, two things going to happen either it's going to be the same old chargers or it's going to be like, oh my goodness. This team really is legit, but there's some concerns. It starts with Philip rivers, in my opinion, Philip rivers is one of the most confident guys I've ever coached against yet. He does not play with confidence against the Kansas City Chiefs. He makes mistakes prone interception, sacks, all that type of stuff. So to me, it starts with him. He's gotta carry that swag on the field and not get go out of his mind here. He's got, he's got to be poised and yet still carry that confidence. And I got to see that. So the other thing that that the charges need to worry about is Andy Reid. No coach in the NFL does a better job of of prepareness team for openers or off a bye week. So to me, Andy Reid understand that he prepares his team and he always puts special things in for the opening for the opening week. So to me, watch out. All right. That is Rex Ryan. Thank you so much for joining us here on get up Rex. I still come in here. You can count on one thing in this world. If Tom Brady will win the AFC east. But for the rest of the division winners, we need Louis Riddick run them down. Now. Yes..

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