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Like i they again if in i don't want that either right and if anyone falls like our instagram stories like you can see is in the kitchen cooking lay on occasion but like we don't like put it all out there could someone sometimes i think that's it's boring an error numbered zero like i i want to inspire people to cook but i don't want people comparing themselves all the time because then i feel like you get really let down if you don't do it exactly how they did it or it doesn't turn out just perfect so we try to keep our food photos event super realistic looking like we don't stylish with like any fake she had no idea that people do that he added or book yeah we don't use any fixes like it's out of my pan like under mats camera and the mortar the luhn and there were good should go and so i think a lotta in any read it yeah and then read it for lunch it might be cold by them like was unusually cold if you like fifty shots of this is your let me make i wanna make a modest requests yeah and i know that that i understand exactly what you're describing in terms of the things to avoid in terms of video but i am a big dummy as a as a cook i mean i'm i i loved the cook i like the stand in front of the stove i'm an experiment her i'm not great though in so lots of times i will click on a youtube emma lots of times it's not a person necessarily it's just a pair of hands by and that's doing some slicing enticing and his show i might i'm a visual person as opposed to like an audio auditory kind of person and sometimes it helps to see oh that's the quantity of olive oil going into their alkhass that's what you know half a cup of onion diced the way that these folks are recommending a kind of looks like the can can we can we do a little may i instagram story would be kinda perfect for that kind of thing can i make a modest request done what what it is.

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