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Game plan? WTO P news. Everything you need? Every time you listen. Now ten 23 a man is dead, hit by a falling tree in fairfax county this afternoon, police got a call about this at three 45 or so. They say this man was working to cut down trees along homes on pleasant valley road in chantilly, and he died at the scene. Police have not identified the man except to say he was in his middle 20s. Roads around the region can be deadly. Local leaders are deeply concerned about if they're especially worried about rising pedestrian and cyclist deaths, despite safety measures. We could crosswalks in, drivers kill people walking in the crosswalk. Montgomery county executive Mark L rich sounding fed up as he talked about the latest information coming from the metropolitan Washington council of governments, showing that pedestrian and bicyclist deaths in the D.C. region were up 37% last year when compared to the year before. It really is up to our residents to take responsibility. Leaders in the region are urging everyone to slow down and be more aware and realize that this is a problem just ask Rebecca young, who was hit by an SUV while walking in a crosswalk in Alexandria. I've really lost the confidence to navigate through my community with the same sense of security. Nick eying, Ellie, WTO P news. There's a new phase of construction on the GW Parkway, and here's the bad news that will likely slow down your commute. A 3.5 mile stretch of the southbound lanes of the Parkway between the beltway and one 23 will be closed for about two years. The northbound lanes will then become reversible. Morning peak hours, we're gonna have two lanes

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