Cuba, Cable Network, Mexico discussed on The World of Phil Hendrie - Episode #982: The New Phil Hendrie Show


What do we want to florida we're doing our show you're on a sunday night's were watching the of the action is it is unfolding on select blue water florida is uh you know getting pounded cuba that quite clear your cable network yes i'm all right with that word is if we're saying it's getting pounded from behind or anything like that from on watch it get the power importer with violent winds and torrential rains but anyway yeah so i i think afghanistan jay you need to understand that no no hurricane is going to go across the country of mexico and maintain this category five strength and then make a right turn up into california and still be a hurricane what would be the end it wouldn't be anything it'd be a a stiff breeze or be a bunch of hot air like you for instance oh my god jay it's been like that for a long time between you and be i think you'll bore hot air than anything else aero even you i would protect gentleman gentleman pleased t i would i would even gerald are protect trump being udal uniform hitomi tried to attack eessentially or any other way if somebody tried to attack be sexually you'll j the only guy that would do that would be you and i think i know how to handle you oh my united might go to get out of your tommy equipment during your penis bill we are.

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