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A small plane crash in burlington county new jersey so the faa the federal aviation administration investigating saying that the hawker beechcraft baron plane went down and springfield township we know that plane took off from south jersey regional airport in lumberton with a destination of hyannis massachusetts we do have an update on the fate of that accused flag burner in philadelphia felony charges dropped against the young woman who was arrested the philadelphia pride parade over the weekend for allegedly trying to burn a flag in a crowded area this is eighteen year old ryan siegen of new jersey she now faces misdemeanor offenses of possession of an instrument of a crime in recklessly endangering another person that's probably a good thing is we didn't need a national burning case right steps away from our station or anything like that yeah she had all kind of they said incendiary devices in her bag and so they were saying it was the issue of she was in a crowd of people you know with putting gasoline on something and setting it on fire i wasn't an american flag though i don't think you're correct there was a police swaggers a blue line flag or something like that which i i mean i was hoping this would go national because i'm looking for a good national story so hard to come up with a show every day anyway so the the misdemeanor charge of having a bic lighter something like that all right inflec your head going viral the ben salem batman is cleaning up vandalism so it's a video posted on youtube they're having a lot of fun with it shows the masked avenger favorite putting a coat of white paint over spray painting graffiti near the shamanic creeks local businesses a posting up on on youtube thank yous to the ben salem batman the guys all dressed up fully dressed up as batman for taking care of the graffiti issue across the shamanic creek area so kind of a cute little story by the way i just wanna make a point dawn for the record that guy is a thousand times better as batman ben affleck i just want to make that point in fact this guy the ben salem batman may save batman from ben affleck if it can be saved i don't know.

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