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It's time for the hard four on pushing the odds with matt parole. All right we start with washington in new york last night in the win for washington. I thought the giants had that game one four times. And if you're a giant fan you've got to be sick to your stomach. Just mental mistakes all over the place joe judge. I don't know what he was doing. And certain moments you know colin timeouts and really weird places having to call timeout out of time out having to sub guys in and then of course it was a mental mistake that ends the game missed field goal. Offsides moves the ball five yards closer. That kick goes up fox sports on the re kick in the call of washington getting their first win of the year. Now a forty three yard. Try for the win good hauled. Kk's jordan washington wins a game that saw five lead changes three in the fourth quarter alone. And this was some game here in landover. How did sleet and drop that. Pass who baby. I was wrong about watching three. I did have a same game teaser. Going with what with giants plus nine and a half and the over thirty five and a half the over the game hit forty and a half. I didn't think that was going to go under i was. I was really kinda skeptical of that offense a lot. More offense than people thought. I thought we'd see scoring and that's what we got number two games all over the place coming up on sunday and week. Two of the nfl will break down a ton of them coming up today. That's i've made bets. I'm eyeballing what's going on with will fuller and the dolphins i don't care by the way it's not that big of a deal. I still look the dolphins plus three and a half against the buffalo bills. But something i love t higgins in the bengals. They got a massive game against the bears. I'm on plus three lines plus one and a half open at four everyone's on cincinnati against chicago. I love that but t higgins announced yesterday. He's changing his number from eighty five to five after this after this season's over why he explained it's not that big of a deal but i just feel like you know chaz not so much for this organization and you know i just got a good feeling. That number is going to be lifted one day and i just want to make a name for myself. You know a lot of people keeps saying on twitter. that you know. Oh justin go to point. Oh i don't want to not no no disrespect the chad you know. He's a great receiver. This and that. I just don't want to be a two point. Oh myself. And i wanna be not higgins one point number five magnetic myself. English eighty five. Obviously being chad. Ocho cinco chad johnson. He wants to kind of get away from that comparison number three tonight. Too big games in college football the game maryland at illinois in the big ten with the early game is central. Florida at louisville..

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