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At the Santa Monica farmer's market here's Gillian Ferguson this is Gillian Ferguson with the market report it is a very wed Wednesday here in Santa Monica this week and I'm talking to Abraham and let those who is one of the chefs was brave the rain to come to the market this week Abraham is the chef de cuisine at Nora in west Hollywood on Santa Monica and Abraham I noticed you have some persimmons in your car today what are you going to be doing with them so the persimmons are going to be used on our pork chop we try to change the free seasonally where pickling them so basically putting them in a little bit of water sugar and sherry vinegar we try to keep it nice and fresh we don't like to be away from the produce we like that kind of let it speak for itself we're also putting it in a seasonal grain ball or a seasonal fruit bowl as we call it kind of the two methods right now they were using with persimmon okay so when you're talking about the pickled persimmons are they lately pickle the quick pick colors is something that takes a few weeks to prepare no it's a quick because soon as he gets into the restaurant you know we clean them up have on my serrated go and then the cuts of over the picked whatever for similar Serapis and they'll cold pickle it really quick it's other persimmons are done for the day everything's fresh we check in the next day for consistency but if they're too soft well having depression so just depends okay see one a little bit of texture on the yeah you want a little bit of texture you want a little bit of by you don't want to give anybody a mushy pickle yeah yeah that's right nothing worse than a machine tackle and so how does the the sweetness and that the sourness of the pickle sort of pair with the pork chop with the pork chop I mean think about like a peach peaches sweet but it's also slightly sour so the acidity kind of plays off with the pork chop flavor we marinated in a rose merry a little bit of chili flakes olive oil a little bit of garlic so we let them in a for awhile and it kind of plays a nice little game of like sweet savory sour try to hit all those benchmarks for the dish sounds delicious and I assume that you're using the foo you persimmons the ones that are hard yeah we're using the for you per Simmons Odyssey that high kia are going to be a little softer we're doing a couple experiments right now where were letting on just a super right so it's pretty much as soon as you open it up it's insane jelly pretty much so we're playing around with that concept right now all right well thank you so much this sounds delicious all right thank you that was Abraham limos the chef de cuisine at Nora in west Hollywood he's been telling us what to do with those for you persimmons one of the farmers who grows percent men's and brings them to the market is Laura Ramirez of JJ's loaned out our ranch many people know Laura from her almost year round avocados that she brings to the market but in the fall you have for Simmons as well how many varieties are you bringing to the market these days all my gosh well and grow a lot of different varieties but the main Fridays I bring to the market ARFU use giant to use and hi cheers which are so sweet and taste like ball and all kinds of sin in many goodness so walk us through the difference because the foo use you want to eat hard right and then the high G. as which you were just talking about you want to wait until they're almost falling apart I mean the way you sell them it's like in a Cup because if you were to sell them any other way they would just fall apart on you yeah they have to be like a water balloon are you'll hate me because your mouth a pucker up and you'll discuss me out never won a person again and you know I always say me I like to have a little cocktail now and then so I like my for Simmons with some dark rum on top and some cram freshen old so delicious and it just reminds me of thanksgiving and Christmas and its all the goodies that sound so good so do you just cut them open at the top and pour the run right over to squeeze them out in a bowl while I was doing anyway you want but I like it that way and I also like frozen frozen like a survey is really delicious that's really my favorite way to eat them and then you can have me around to you can freeze it let it defrost a little bit but the rom all read or brandy or whatever whatever cocktail you want you know I'll call as always enhances the flavor it makes it taste like a pumpkin pie I learned that trick from you years ago and every year I put a few had G. as in my freezer add me bad so Laurie you also have this other variety which we don't really see very often in the stores sometimes are called chocolate for Simmons I know you have a very limited variety but they're so unique I wonder if you could explain what a chocolate persimmon is exactly well a chocolate persimmon there's all kinds of different varieties that are a little bit darker inside there's like something called a cinnamon the Maru there's a chocolate persimmon there's a coffee cake and a lot of times you have to educate people on the inside is a little bit darker inside or they think you're selling them rotten fruit you know but once they taste it they know it's just terrific and it's it really does taste.

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