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The rest of the world gets vaccinated And at Bloomberg our market vision is 2020 So let's talk about the pain trade I am shocked by the moves that we're seeing in the rights market The inflation debate continues Bloomberg radio the Bloomberg business app and Bloomberg radio dot com Broadcasting 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com and the Bloomberg business app this is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update The U.S. Secretary of State believes Russia could attack before the night is over That's what Antony Blinken said Wednesday when speaking with NBC nightly news Lester holt he explained that Russia has positioned its forces at the final point of readiness so everything seems to be in place for Russia to engage in a major aggression against Ukraine In a follow-up question blinken said he can't put a date or exact time on the invasion but everything is in place for Russia to move forward Meantime the UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting at present at the request of Ukraine in a televised statement addressing the people of Russia Ukrainian president zelensky said his country wants peace and is doing everything it can to build it Senator Lindsey Graham says more needs to be done at home to keep Americans from paying the price of the Russia Ukraine conflict Speaking to Fox News he said the U.S. has more than enough natural resources to supply our needs We are sitting on an abundance of American owned oil and gas and we should be exploiting it for our purposes A Texas deputy constable is dead after a shooting at a mall in Houston authorities say the San jacinto county officer died after being taken to the hospital They have not released his identity the suspect in the shooting at plasma America's mall in southwest Houston was also hurt and taken to an area hospital Over 50 historically black colleges and universities houses of worship and other institutions have dealt with bomb threats this year Lisa Taylor reports that's according to an FBI summary that covers January 4th through February 16th It follows a bomb threat surge in which Howard University and 7 other HBCUs were threatened The FBI said in a statement no explosive devices related to threats were found I'm Lisa Taylor mask mandates are ending at target This week the company updated its website saying staff and shoppers no longer have to wear masks in stores I'm Brian shook The operator of a big cat refuge who became famous for her appearance in Tiger king is trying to get her followers to watch a different kind of documentary Gordon bird explains Carole Baskin has released a documentary called the conservation game for free on her YouTube page for a limited time filmmaker Michael Weber claims that several high profile conservationists have been showing off so called ambassador cats on TV for years then dumping those cats into the exotic market where Baskin's nemesis Joe Exotic and others flourished Best can appear briefly in the film she hopes it will help pass a bill in Congress the big cat public safety act I'm Gordon burr New Jersey officials are ending their formal coronavirus briefings Governor Murphy says Friday March 4th will be the last time he gathers with other state leaders to give formal COVID updates That's exactly two years since New Jersey registered its first case of COVID Coronavirus numbers continue to be on the decline in New Jersey Once again LGBTQ groups are being denied the right to march under their own banner in Staten Island Saint Patrick's Day parade Kessler reports gay and transgender folks can march in Dublin and after a lot of pressure they can march in the big parade in New York City but Staten Island's parade organizers have issued an edict that says this parade is not to be used for and will not allow political or sexual identification agendas to be promoted As a result many Staten Island politicians are refusing to participate including Richmond county DA Michael McMahon state senator Diane savino and former congressman max rose Disney is announcing Netflix marvel shows that are leaving the platform we'll be heading to Disney+ in Canada series including daredevil the punisher Jessica Jones Luke cage iron fist and the defenders will be available for streaming on March 16th I'm Brian schuch And I'm Doug prisoner at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York Let's check this hour's top business stories Equity markets are being hit from every direction so it seems from the Russia Ukraine conflict to surging oil prices to higher inflation and its impact on fed policy volatility is nothing short of tremendous although one thing does seem constant through all of this tech stocks are being hard hit in the U.S. session we had the NASDAQ composite falling more than two and a half percent It is now near a 20% decline from its November record that would constitute a bear market and among its constituents Tesla's shares are down 27% so far this year Right now in Sydney we have information tech as a group down by more than 5% and in Hong Kong the hang seng tech index is down by more than 2% At the same time commodities are rallying with the Bloomberg commodity index trading near a 7 year high This could be a preview of further inflationary pressures crude oil advancing with WTI now above 94 a barrel again in the electronic session of more than 2% even though The White House said it was looking to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserves aluminum is near a record high soybeans at a 9 year high and wheat futures at the highest level since 2012 We check markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg right now in Tokyo the nikkei is down by more than 1% in Hong Kong the hang seng weaker by more than 2% in Seoul the Cosby down 2% in Sydney the ASX 200 is weaker by 2.7% and on the Chinese mainland Shanghai composite is weaker by half of 1% U.S. treasuries down across the curve by at least four basis points a ten year at one 94 a two year at one 56 Global news 24 hours a day on air and on 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