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Out. That's one 809 three 5 7 two 6 7. Trying to prevent this from becoming another Groundhog Day, the chief executive at Delta Air Lines is demanding that Congress raised the budget for the federal aviation administration to avoid another breakdown like the one earlier this week on CNBC Ed Bastian called the computer failure and thousands of resulting flight delays on Wednesday, unacceptable. ABC's Jim Ryan not only is the U.S. supplying hardware to Ukraine, says ABC's Brian Clark, Britain will provide tanks and artillery systems to Ukraine, prime minister Rishi sunak made the offer after speaking with Ukrainian president zelensky the same day Russia carried out a series of missile strikes across Ukraine, one on an apartment building in nipro killed at least 23 people. Imagine having these many doctors in your corner, ABC islama Hassan. Germany asks for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny to get better medical attention, the country is joining an open letter that was signed by 500 Russian doctors. Navalny's lawyer says he has seen a doctor, but is not getting the medicine he needs. Investigators are trying to unravel the mystery of whose bones and why after the discovery in an unused building on a satellite campus of the University of California Berkeley of a human skeleton. ABC's Mark remould. The remains were found in the Clark Kerr campus, which is about a mile from Berkeley's main campus. A statement from the university's police department said there were no outstanding missing persons cases from UC Berkeley in the building hasn't been occupied for years. This is ABC News. We check your northwest traffic every ten minutes on the fours from the high performance homes traffic center once again, here's RC cats. We were looking pretty good for the most part on the roadways, no blocking incidents or stalls getting in the way. It is pretty wet out, so do take it easy, southbound 5, a little bit heavy from Lake city way off and on over the ship canal bridge, northbound 5 struggles a bit through downtown Seattle. We're seeing some heavy traffic northbound 5 around south center, but again, a blocking incident is getting in the way. And if you have to get over the passes, a snowball May and Stevens still have no restrictions, white pass has attraction tire advisory. Your next northwest traffic report F four 14. And now your forecast sponsored by northwest crawlspace services. It's going to be a rainy night and also breezy at times throughout the course of the night is just going to be soggy with The Rain coming down as a low pressure system is just tracking over a temperatures will be in the low 40s in the morning hours and the high temperatures on your Monday in the upper 40s now it may be cloudy with some rain showers and breezy Monday morning, but as we get through the course of the afternoon, the showers are going to taper off quite a bit. We'll probably have a few more showers in the evening, but overall it will be a drier day on Monday compared to today. From the como four weather center on meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson. And currently, we've got heavy rain and 47° in Seattle. News radio 1000 FM 97 7 stay connected, stay informed. Good afternoon, it's four O 6 and 9 Cathy O'Shea. Here's what's

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