Chairman, Intel, Speaker Of The House discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


John is we've been trying to say for most of this presidency context matters and you look at the context that speech was given end that those words were given in the context of a constitutional crisis about to erupt if donald trump moves forward with firing bob moeller or firing rod rosenstein or even even exposing a memo that the fbi director and the deputy attorney general rushed to the white house and a capital the bag him not to release there's a reasonable argument there were already in the middle of the constitutional crisis and it's a role wing saturday massacres what we're seeing in terms of how the the ongoing war against the justice department the fbi by the trump administration to discredit those institutions what has happened yesterday with with through it happened over the last couple of days with with co with chairman muniz in this memo controversy i also we're in at one of that's one of the one of the biggest developments john yesterday was the speaker of the house yes had the deputy attorney general as well as the fbi director begging him not to pass alone classified information to an intel chairman who would already proven himself unworthy of having bed sort of information and the speaker of the house he chose us show size extradited yesterday will be a day that will be remembered for paul ryan deciding that a respected house intel committee and a bipartisan intel committee is acquaint notion in the past history looks kindly on mitt romney in two thousand twelve pointing out that russia was america's greatest geopolitical fo the left many democrats laughed at mitt romney for that was on that ticket the paul ryan of two thousand twelve who stood proudly with mitt romney and said russia's our man geopolitical adversary is now behaving this way it's almost inexplicable and there are people that we both know who were great admirers of paul ryan had been for years who find this totally battling but to your bechers no point let me a beyond i've known him since he was twenty two it's despicable so and i say that is a guy i like and i've liked since he was twenty two disappointed yesterday were despicable and i couldn't be more disappoint so we're in the midst of a of a rolling i think a rolling constitutional crisis and it's the reality that unlike richard nixon the 1974 when he gave his.

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