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Hey marketers have you ever wished you had on demand mentor. That could help you scale. Your business will help spots got you covered. Introducing the hub spot podcast network. It's a one stop audio destination for business professionals looking for inspiration across marketing sales leadership in more learned from podcasting experts like emily thompson from being boss ''alicia butler pierre from business infrastructure. And me benjamin shapiro on this. Show the mar- tack podcast. You can learn. Listen and grow at hub. Spot dot com slash podcast network from advertising to software as a service to data across all of our programs and zine a fifty five to sixty five percent open rate getting brands authentically integrated the content performs better than tv advertising. Typical life span of an article is about twenty four to thirty six hours for reaching out to the right person with the right message and a clear. Call that action that it's just a matter of time. Welcome to the mar. Tek podcast a shop. Llc production in this podcast you'll hear the stories of world-class marketers use technology to drive business result and achieved career. Success will on earth the real world experiences of some of the brightest minds in the marketing technology space. So you can learn the tools tips and tricks. They've learned along the way. Now here's a host of the tech podcast. Benjamin welcome to the mar tech podcast. Today we're gonna talk about building. Business that finds automatic customers joining us. Is john marlow. Who's the president at the value builder system which takes a systematic approach to leveling the playing field for small business owners as they approach their exit. The value builder systems goal is to empower one million business owners by the year. Twenty thirty with a statistically proven methodology that boost the value of accompanied by up to seventy one percent. John is also the author of one of the most impactful books. I've ever read which is called built to sell. He's written another book called the art of selling your business any recently published. A new book called the automatic customer. And he's the host of the built to sell radio podcast. which is one of my regular listens. John is truly someone who i respect. And we've modeled a lot of the business of the martic podcast after what he's done with built to sell it's truly an honor to have him on the show. This podcast is sponsored by hub spot. You know. I had a marketing epiphany. While i was interviewing a guest recently. And it's that you're marketing can only be as efficient as your analytics is it to be and unless you're only running one marketing campaign in one channel with one piece of creative at a time. You're either going to need to make some assumptions or some assessments of multi touch attribution to know what's truly driving your success hub spot. Crm is an easy to adapt platform. That gives you the true understanding of what's driving results in your business their multi touch attribution reporting shows. You how all of your marketing and sales activities are driving revenue to your business. So you can get credit for all your campaigns or course correct when you need to and since hub spots marketing automation tools are built on the same code base as their crm. You can automatically connect every customer interaction to revenue to make strategic business decisions rooted in value not vanity metrics and unlike most multi touch attribution platforms. Hub spot is built for real people not for data scientists to learn more about how you can scale your company without scaling complexity good hub spot dot com and this podcast is also sponsored by the wicks partner program. Look i ran a professional services business right before i started working on the martic podcast full-time and one of my biggest pain points was working with early. Stage companies that needed to either invent or reestablish their digital footprint at great their website build into their crm make sure that your data flows get your social stuff set up. It can be a real pain when you're trying to do something custom and creative and that's what's great about the whigs partner program so when your agency or consultancy in my case partners with wicks you can unlock entire digital ecosystem for managing and growing your business online so you can run that agency the way that you want to you. Get the full. Coating design freedom to create anything that your client's needs along with the tools to manage and collaborate with your team seamlessly from anywhere and when it comes to growing your business you can also get match with new leads every day. The wicks partner programs going to help you find. Some business earns some revenue for every website. That you can create and they're backed by wicks is industry leading security and site performance. You'll have a dedicated account manager on standby for twenty four seven. Apparently they do not sleep so you can reach your goals and then start setting new ones to see it for yourself. Head over the wicks partner program at wicks dot com slash partners. That's w i x dot com slash. The word partners and reimagined. What your agency can accomplish. That's wicks dot com slash partners for the wicks partner program all right. Here's my conversation with john. Warrilow president builder system john. Welcome to the mar tech podcast. Hey you benjamin. Such a privilege. I mentioned in the intro. You had a big impact on my business on my life's because of your work your writing of modeled a lot of what we do here at the mar tech podcast after what you've done at built a cell. It's absolutely a privilege to have you on the show. Thank you for being our guest first and foremost. Oh man i feel like i gotta be good if she true i will do my best to not blow too much sunshine your way out truly i am a fan of your work and i wanna talk a little bit about that. You've got a couple of different irons in the fire. With the built to sell rand which is a book a podcast. The value builders system. And then you've got some other books. Related artists selling the automatic customer. Give us the lay of the land of how you think your business. Yeah i mean really built to sell his about how to build accelerate and harvest. The value of company audience tends to be entrepreneurs with generally between one and ten million in annual sales. They know everything. There is to know about their company but very little about exiting. So we try to help them with different resources through the podcast. The articles in the blog. That sort of naturally segues to value builder where we have a system. We provide to advisors. It's a software platform effectively. That advisors us to coach clients through the process of value building. So if you wanna think about brands built to sell as our brand for business owners value builders really are brantford. we've a thousand advisers around the world who have licensed the system and use it as a way to provide a turnkey value building practice inside their professional services.

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