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To the right prefrontal cortex that's good because it's the area of the brain devoted to higher cognitive functions so good stuff p q q reverses cell damage it reduces the presence of chemical stressors in the brain and can i think really form an important part of a regimen designed to slow the progression of neuro degenerative diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's and so here's really what i'm very excited about talking to you about nicotinamide arrive aside for a long time as a sort of companion nutrient to coenzyme q ten for mighty conrail support of course we talk about the n t factor reminded conrail support that's important too but really scientifically valid way of supporting mighty qendra function particularly the brain is through use of nicotinamide rival side and here's the news study hope for parkinson's patients aside is discovered taking vitamin b three that's the regular vitamin b three there would be nicotinamide or nice or sin we don't want to do that you'll just get flushing but nicotinamide riva's side is a special form of vitamin b three that can stop nerve cells from dying off in what could be a starting point for treatment they say that nicotinamide ride a could also help store function and nerve cells with parkinson's this was done in a in a fruit fly model of parkinson's.

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