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The first time Karen Keva reports that at a time of deepening partisan divide. One message in the state of the union address was unity. The state of our union is strong on a contentious Capitol Hill, the president breached unity together, we can break decades of political stalemate divide in palm breaks with democratic speaker Nancy Pelosi over his shoulder and scores of newly elected women watching in front of him. Don't sit yet either like this. We also have more women serving in congress, then at any time before many critical of the president's demand for border wall funding that led to the longest government shutdown in history. I want people to. To come into our country. In the largest numbers ever. But they have to come in legally, President Trump touched on bipartisan topics like infrastructure projects both parties should be able to unite for a great rebuilding of America's crumbling infrastructure, cutting the cost of prescription drugs. It's unacceptable that Americans pay vastly more than people in other countries for the exact same drugs often made in the exact same place and ending HIV in the US together, we will defeat aids in America and beyond Trump also touted his foreign policy agenda, chairman Kim, and I will meet again on February twenty seventh and twenty eighth in Vietnam. Now, the president in congress have until February fifteenth to work together to keep the government funding. So let's work together compromise and reach a deal that way. Will truly make America safe the new democratic majority in the house wasted. No time this week getting into issues long untouched on Capitol Hill. Linda Kenyon reports hearings were held on gun violence and climate change. Michael some hot button issues returned to Capitol Hill to climate change hearings kicked off in the house. They coincided with a new U N report that found last year was the fourth warmest on record and that weather extremes included wildfires in California and Greece drought in South Africa and floods in India, North Carolina. Governor ROY Cooper told the house natural resources committee. His state has suffered the consequences. Cain Florence caused at least seventeen billion dollars in damage and tragically took forty three lives then a month later. Tropical storm Michael took additional lives and caused millions more and damage damage like this. We have weathered to so-called five hundred year floods within two years and three of them within twenty years. House. Republicans have been. Skeptical about climate change, they pointed out that legislative compromise on reducing greenhouse gas. Emissions wouldn't be easy, and it would likely be even harder in the Republican controlled Senate. Then there was the gun violence hearing before the House Judiciary committee enough, that's Eastman, a survivor of the mass shooting at Florida's Marjory stoneman Douglas high school, we have had enough of gun violence in our schools in our movie theaters are places of worship in nightclubs and restaurants on our streets and in our communities. She appealed to lawmakers to craft sensible gun legislation also testifying was college student, savannah Lindquist who said a sheet had a firearm. She might have been able to prevent her rape. I am gun owner. And I was one at the time, I even began safety training and target practice. When I was ten years old, but because of so-called commonsense gun control laws. I was left defenseless that night committee, chairman Jerrold, Nadler said gun violence is an issue that can no longer be ignored. It is evident from the energy of the crowd of this room as well as the millions of people across the country fighting for sensible gun safety laws at the. The public is demanding national legislation, but the committee's top Republican Doug Collins said democratic proposals to fight gun violence are just empty promises. Greatest. Cruelty in the world is to tell people you will help them in their situation with legislation and then try to pass off legislation. They would do nothing to fix the problems. The house is trying to begin to fix the problem with background check legislation while it is likely to pass in the house. It is equally likely to run into significant roadblocks in the Republican controlled Senate. This is Westwood One news the week in review. It.

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