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Fifth don't miss the opportunity to see the year's most thought provoking shows craft contemporary revealing the potential of craft for more info visit see a FAM dot org live from NPR news in Washington I'm nor rom president trump rally his supporters in battle creek Michigan last night saying he didn't deserve being impeached Quinn Klinefelter from member station W. D. E. T. reports informed of the final vote tally midway through his speech the president said Democrats impeach him because they could not defeat him and twenty sixteen you are the ones interfering in America selections you are the ones subverting America's democracy we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoever this is just an excuse his anger over the impeachment proceedings combined with a strong economy our energizing his political base like never before for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter one of president trump's biggest offenders in the house mark meadows says he won't run for reelection but he says he will continue to fight for the president a federal appeals court in New Orleans issued a split rolling yesterday in a challenge to the affordable Care Act Jessica rose guard with member station W. W. NO has more two members of the three judge panel agreed to strip the individual mandate from the affordable Care Act but none of the judges said the law should be overturned completely sending that decision back to a lower court California Attorney General Havea Serra leads a coalition in support of the law he said he'll petition the US Supreme Court to review the appeals court ruling you're listening to NPR news from Washington seven Democrats who want to be president take the debate stage tonight in Los Angeles one in eight Americans lives in California Columbia's new foreign minister meets today with secretary of state Mike from pale at the top of the agenda is the deepening political and economic crisis in Venezuela NPR's Michele Kelemen reports Colombia's ambassador to Washington Francisco Santos says this is an important first meeting for his country's new foreign minister Columbia needs more US aid to cope with the influx of refugees from Venezuela and the region needs that crisis to come to an end the entire hemisphere if he's if he's feeling the pinch we all understand that that that that this is something that needs to be dealt with we we hope that the two thousand twenty will be the year we need to keep our eye on the ball we to keep the pressure center says the U. S. in Colombia still have confidence in the Venezuelan opposition figure trying to oust president Nicolas Maduro Michele Kelemen NPR news the state department Australia's most populous state New South Wales has declared a state of emergency because of wildfires there are about one hundred fires burning now about half of them are out of control thick smoke is blanketing Sydney causing hazardous air pollution the state of emergency allows authorities to force evacuations close roads and shut off utilities I'm Nora Raum NPR news in Washington and on this Thursday morning you are listening to KCRW on cherry Glazer good to have you here getting some very welcome news from the C. H. P. earlier sig alert in west Covina all wrapped up westbound tenet Baraka the left two lanes have been reopened there you're still jam though coming away from the fifty seven westbound sixty would be the natural alternate but it's having its own problems in San Gabriel west sixty at San Gabriel Boulevard a one car wreck at the right shoulder and then up I had a separate crash west sixty it'll land take that's at the center divider if you make your way through so Mar northbound five that rocks for content pickup taking out the right lane and in the east LA interchange east ten at the five somebody lost a bicycle in the left lane there got a frost advisory effect till nine this morning for the San Fernando and Santa Clarita valley is going to be sunny later on with highs mostly in the sixties.

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