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Say I go to a game. And there's rap music there. I'm seventy six years old, Paul. I don't need to lick. And they'll come on. You're you're telling me, you're seventy six and you don't want. You don't like rap music college football game. Absolutely not. No. I want to hear something like to hear the band play the band's good. They're outstanding. You know, whatever whatever we can do. But Paul getting to the broader subject other than just the whole game day experience. The big one of the biggest things number one is to have a winning team. If people don't a lot of people don't go to games because they don't have a witty team. You're right. That's his own does as time. The people want to want to be entertained, and if your team is lousy it will definitely cut down on your attendance. And then the other thing course, if you're selling a product one thing, you want to look into is scheduling, if you scheduling the sisters of the poor, you know, they're not gonna come to the game to see it because it's not going to be competitive game. So that's another thing they need to consider in. In there. And then the on the tailgating thing, I may not go to the games and the students are all leaving. Well, they're all half Omer drunk. They're going away instead of coming into the game. And that is ridiculous Paul. And the only last thing I wanted to say Paul is. I hate to say, but I'm gonna say ESPN, I think is has a lot to do with what's going on. Because like when I go to the game. I'm there three and a half four hours warmer there all the time because of all the commercials all the well, listen, I agree with you. And I I have brought this out count constantly, and I here officials from this league. And every other week talk about how they're working hard on it. But the game still are four hours and there's only so much patience. Someone has television is a big part of it. But it's not I don't I'm not defending television. But it's up to the the the conferences to move their games along. And maybe they need to change the rules in college football and make them more like profile. Ball. So the clock doesn't stop as much. Yeah. And the the other thing Paul my legs, come it would be I really I really think it's bad for college is to have games on Friday night. Well, you know, one thing you the Friday the Friday night debate has been raging on for thirty years. And there are there are some leagues that will not do it. The SEC will not play on a Friday night in different to the great high school football, the big ten put up a battle. I think they they wanted to do it. I don't know if they do it or not now. State refuses it. Yeah. I mean, I I I would not I would not allow my college to play on Friday night and one thing about Friday night. It's a pure television play the games have seriously diminished. I think in recent years you end up getting a a lot of west coast games. You get I mean, even Thursday night games. I think the SEC does the opening weekend. And that may be it schools for a long time. You would see sporadic SEC game on Thursday night. I don't blame. I mean outside of the first weekend of the year when it's Labor Day weekend. And it's you can start the weekend. Earlier Saturdays day for college football. Thank you, very very much for the call. Really do. Appreciate it. Larkin is in Sarasota, Florida. Hello larkin. Yeah. I just want to call in here. You. In two years ago had been married for seventy years. What did you say? You're a Hooker. University Tennessee, and that Israel care Paul that. Well, you're a Larkin you're talking to me, I'm Paul and let me go over this. Again, you're a hundred and two years old and you've been married for seventy years. My rock dob company does go you were married for seventy years. That is not alumni. I've hours I didn't graduate. But I went up there and four to six..

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