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Where it's 75 degrees Now, Homo news time 5 36 along feared outcome of the pandemic isolation came true, according to new numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics. Joel Achenbach. Reports in the Washington Post that more than 93,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2020. Joel joined Cuomo's Taylor van size. How big of a jump is this compared to the 2019 overdose numbers? You have to remember the 2019 was a record year for drug overdoses. I think they had about 72,000 deaths across the United States from drug of this overdoses. Most of them were opioid. A lot of it is is just sentinel that's really dangerous. Synthetic or really did have been flooding the country and particularly the Western U. S. So the numbers were already really highest. But it jumped from 72,000 to 93,000 in a single year, which is a very I mean it's It's an appalling numbers. And I've covered this story. You know, for several years now you know what the opioid epidemic in the drug overdoses and I am astonished by that number. And I I know Francis Collins of the NIH, the director This morning told me, you know, it's just heartbreaking and there's a lot of human tragedy in those numbers. And we've been talking to you for. But those years as well as you've been covering this, and I got to wonder if this is More potent fentanyl or car fentanyl that's coming into play or are drugs other than opioid, starting to gain ground and kill off people as well. There are several things happening at once. So you think about when the pandemic hit Suddenly, all these social services get shut down. He's allegedly not essential services like drug treatment people going to methadone clinics, people who normally would be seeing, you know counselors. Or just their primary care physician. A lot of people lined up, you know, being alone. They're they're isolated, and maybe they're addicted to a drug and they're using it and there's no one they are. To help them if they overdose, And so, you know, there's no one there with the Narcan to save them so that the pandemic is a big part of it on the supply side. I think I don't have not heard that The Sentinel is any different. It's already really, really potent stuff I would be. There's been a rise and other drugs to like cocaine and my family ketamine. Sometimes they're used in tandem or some combination. We do have some sources say that there is a federal contamination in some of these other drugs, you know, And of course, it gets mixed in with heroin. I think we'll really see though in these new numbers is the pandemic effect. And the lack of access to treatment and social services that associated with the shutdown and then just saw the chaos of the pandemic. More money will be coming to to fight the issue through the Purdue Pharma settlements. But are the feds doing anything to refocus efforts on addiction problems? The bad administration just yesterday named the drugs our nominee and has has said they're going to put more money into it. I think if there's one good thing that comes out of this new report, first of all, it's not shocking. Be in the sense that we knew that overdoses were up. But this you know, this is the first time we've seen all the 2020 numbers. It's gotten a lot of attention today a lot of headlines and I think that you'll see the leaders of the country. I don't have to respond to this because it's nearly 100,000 people in a single year dying of drug overdoses. I mean, that's more than twice the number of people. It's about twice the number of people who die in auto automobile accidents. It's a really big number. The Luckenbach with us on common news reporter for The Washington Post, and you can find his coverage today. Online at Washington post dot com. Joel Thank you. And that's Ko most Taylor van site 5 40 now into the Beacon Plumbing sports desk. Cuomo's Bill sorts with us with more hoops there. It is Round ball Wednesday night for the man. It's Game four of the NBA Finals Coming up on KOMO TV four at about 6 15. The Bucks are coming off an impressive 20 point win at home, but there's still down 12 against the Phoenix Suns. Women's All Star game in Las Vegas tonight Different format. Now the WNBA's top players go against the U. S national team that's headed to the Olympics. And that is a squad that includes the Seattle legend Seubert. I think this is similar more similar to the Times we've played the All Stars with the USA team versus when it's like a full on All Star team were both sides are just WPL stars. So to be more similar to that bird looking for her fifth Olympic gold medal, and we have to wonder whether she might be a USA flag bearer in steamy Tokyo. Certainly Sue would be the coolest literally. Ralph Lauren has build a personal air conditioning system into a roomy white jacket and the U. S athletes would wear these during the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. And Paralympics. We needed that in Seattle about two weeks ago when it was 110 If you're Pacific Time Zone golf fan, we better take a nap right now are chug energy drinks round one of the open championship in sandwich England tees off at about 12 30 just after midnight our time sports at 10 40 After the hour, Bill Schwartz. Come on. Thank you. Bill 5 41 coming up more in depth on the arrest of Richard Sherman..

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