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Huge all wheel almost half the wheel of season episode seven is it coming up. It's so close, but it is not as loud away. It's robin. Akiva, solve a murder. Okay. We're watching a TV show and no guest. Okay. So this is one of the very first things they got put on the wheel. No veto, right? Not enough doing. Okay. We're watching season three episodes said than of CSI New York if I recall. Yes. Oh, so does this season three percents up? But it was one of the show. Gesture we've we've got us twenty eight times we will. We will. We are going to do. It's going to be a little tricky in terms of timing. But we're going to watch the show. We will come back after each act break and drive the action. And then give our predictions about what's going on after each it'd be basically like six segments. Yeah. Maybe we'll have a listener sort of send us like the Timestamps before. And so we know how long we have. Okay. All right. They go. All right. Robert, Akiva, solve a murder. Key. A cave murder. New york. The Big Apple Frank Sinatra said if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. It's a concrete jungle. But beneath tall towers and bright lights LIZA world that many know nothing about it's a world where elicit underground raves take place on board, otherwise normal subway train lines. Violinist perform and glow sticks dance akimbo underneath the city streets. This is the story of one woman and for the sake of her story. We'll call her nail. Jane doe. She boarded that elicit subway rave. And she was there for a good time. But she had the most unpleasant experience, even by the standards of New York City. Mass transit. Hi, I'm rob sister. Nino an along with my co-host Akiba Winokur, we're going to be solving the mystery of the murder of this woman here on rob Makita, Salva murder Tiba below. How are you? I'm great today. Rob what's going on? I am doing. Okay. We have uncovered a lot of evidence. We've been reviewing the case of Jane Doe who boarded that New York City subway line. And we have a lot to discuss with you over this either five or six part series discussing the murder of this woman. Yeah. I do think by the end of this. We will this is not like Syria. We will get to the end of it. And actually, you know who did it. It is a big mystery. And we are going to get to the bottom of this. And we will also meet the people that were the crime scene. Investigators investigating this New York City murder from some years ago. Do you know when the murder took place? I do not know do you know when the murder took place. No. But I feel like that's part of our quest is the forget when the murder Wayne the murder took place who the woman is. And who did it that? Is the aim of this podcast series that we will try to uncover in the next five to six episodes. Akiva, I guess we should begin discussing the man who is at the center of the crime scene. Investigators who were brought in to look at the murder of this young woman, and the Mur the man who is the chief investigator is a man who goes by the name of MAC Taylor MAC is a detective first grade and director of the New York police department crime lab in the first decade of the two thousands. Yeah. Mac famously was serving in the in the Marine Corp during the eighty three Beirut bombing. And and he's a veteran of operation Desert Storm. Yeah, sadly, MAC had a personal tragedy..

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