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30th visit dlt dot com slash your team Dave Dole. Nine w T o P. Traffic Two storm team four's Matt Ritter, just a few clouds through this evening. Very warm and humid temperatures will be in the eighties mostly clear and muggy overnight. Those arranged in the low to mid seventies in the rural areas to the upper seventies. Inside the Beltway and partly sunny, hazy, hot and humid for tomorrow will be in the low to mid nineties Thursday. Partly sunny, hazy, hot and humid and isolated thunderstorm possible later in the day. Aysel be in the low to mid nineties and Friday looks partly sunny hot in here. But this time with scattered storms in the afternoon and evening highs will be in the low to mid nineties. I'm starting four meteorologist, my better boy, We have blue skies out there, and temperatures are pretty warm. Hyattsville 93. It's 90 degrees in Fredericksburg. Brought to you by mattress warehouse. Buy with confidence with a one year price guarantee. Only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com 4 41. We continue to follow the situation. In Prince William County, where more than 6000 homes and businesses have suddenly found themselves without power. This afternoon. The incident started around 1 30 when Dominion Energy shut down the transmission line after workers were hurt and trapped on a lift near high tension, electrical lines in dumb freeze. Prince William County Fire says the crew is trying to rescue their work. Those workers no word on their condition condition, Dominion says The two are not affiliated with the utility company. It's expected power will be restored by about eight o'clock this evening. Stay with w t o p n w t o p dot com for the latest 4 42 from Hawaii. The messages do not come. The governor is asking people to limit travel.

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