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The love of America for the love of God for the love of anything you find holy. Please vote blue in a week. That is the only way we can return to sanity. You've got to vote. I mean, I have to hope. This motivates sane decent people. Yes, Andrew workman said this morning, the new CEO of Twitter used it to tell Hillary Clinton that Nancy Pelosi's husband's attacker who was trying to kill the speaker herself was a man he had met while drunk at a gay bar. Perpetuating a baseless bigoted conspiracy theory to his a 112 million followers. I deleted it. He did. He did. Is that the best we can do? That's the law as high as the barrier. That's the bar. Yeah. So he deleted it. I did file a complaint with Twitter for spreading disinformation and he tweeted it deleted it afterwards. So I'm going to say my complaint. And they said, if you don't take this down, there'll be a 12 hour suspension. So he did. Okay. Karen in Chicago. I'm going to need my banking only this morning. Hello Karen. Hi, good morning. Yeah. Look, this is all nothing new, right? The Republican Party. This is who they have always been. Donald Trump, as we know, just says supply things out loud. He emboldened the worst people in this country that hold the worst worldviews and the difference between if you haven't watched Ken burns documentary or listen to Rachel maddow's podcast. We have an entire party now that has been sitting by they have never never when Trump was in office. Leading in when he was in office and to this day, none of them ever come out and condone the violent rhetoric that he uses to incite his violent base. This is nothing new. We have seen this. And if we do not listen and if we don't get everybody out to vote, we're in trouble. We're really bad trouble. Yeah. And of course, Trump has said nothing. Give our it's not a word. No. And then by the way, just a bit, again, compare and contrast. Did you see president Obama out there? Oh my God. I mean, a, what a rockstar, but be just, you know, the way he handled that heckler, just the humor, the humanity. It's like, that's who we are. That's what we got to do in a week, Karen. We have to reclaim that America. And the media, please wake up. No, this is not both sides. Oh my God, I couldn't watch TikTok. Did chuck Todd, both sides? Did he? I don't want to know. I know. But I mean, it's just like, no Democrat has ever incited, even that person that went and shot, you know, Steve scalise. That Bernie never incited violence. Right. And every single Democrat, everybody came out and condemned that. Yeah. And that's the thing they take one or two instances, and that's, oh, well, C is both sides. It's on both sides. And it's just, you know, I read in max boots. Opinion piece, just statistically, it's just hugely, you know, untrue. It is clearly a one sided problem, and it's just, you're right, the media is part of that. Absolutely. And it's just, I just don't, I don't understand how they don't understand what is at stake their jobs. As I said, Karen, they lost their soul. Can you almost Chris because you've been monitoring white media a long time? You can almost feel the panic in the hallways of Fox when something like this happens. And then they're like, okay, how are we going to spin this? And then there they go. Just Democrats. They were like, thank God it happened to Nancy Pelosi because we have a lot of ammunition on her. And people are our viewers hate her. Right. That's what I mean. They don't think, oh, wow. Someone's grandfather and father just got bashed in the head with a hammer. Okay, let me pause while I vomit. Are you okay? I'm gonna vomit continuously this morning if you don't mind. It's gonna be like a Gallagher concert. Let's put down some tarp. We'll show you our costumes from this

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