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The crimes jakartans simpson would you please stand and face the jury this is robertson superior record of california county of los angeles in the matter of the people of state of california versus orenthal james simpson case number be as zero nine seven two one one where were you on october third nineteen ninety-five does that date ring a bell no well what if i told you it's when OJ OJ simpson was found not guilty of the murders of nicole brown simpson and ron goldman take a minute think back we the jury in the above left entitled action find the defendant or job orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section one eighty seven a a felony upon onto coal brown simpson a human being as charged in count one of the information do you remember that day now we the jury in the above entitled action find the defendant orenthal james simpson not guilty of the crime of murder in violation of penal code section one eighty seven a a felony upon ronald goldman a human being as charged in count two the information i can tell you where i was i was in los angeles sent there the night before by news director in toronto to cover one of the the most anticipated verdicts in history i'm catholic in zora and this is the history of the nineties a podcast about a decade that changed the world on this episode were digging deep into the archive of my previous podcast the history of nineteen ninety five to bring you the incredible title story of the OJ verdict the o. j. simpson trial captivated the world and the football hall of famer celebrity pitchman an actor stood accused of murdering his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman their bodies had been found outside her condominium in the upscale los angeles neighborhood of brentwood their throats had been slashed rushed it's remembered as the trial of the century and for very good reason approximately one hundred million people around the world watched the court proceedings which lasted nine months and included over one hundred witnesses and nearly a thousand exhibits according to an article in entertainment weekly in nineteen ninety-five the world had followed every turn of the case so closely that the trial would permanently changed the news cycle and media patterns americans had never been so consumed by a single news story viewers viewers were switching from scripted television dramas and soap operas to watch months of trial developments the trial created some of the most intense early demand for the current twenty four hour news cycle and it's so the seeds for the reality television boom to follow it was a trial filled with iconic moments like the testimony of OJ's house guest kato kaelin and the moment when OJ simpson tried on that bloody leather glove found on the scene this led to simpson's defense lawyer johnnie cochran saying the infamous line if it doesn't fit you must acquit considering the duration and magnitude of this trial everyone was caught off guard when the jury came back after only four hours of of deliberating and announced they had reached a verdict how could a case with that much at stake be resolved so quickly most had anticipated dissipated the jury would take between two to four weeks to reach a verdict the trial had involved more than forty five thousand pages of transcripts not to mention the very eric complex and confusing DNA evidence taken from blood found at the murder scene in simpson's bronco and on the walkway to simpson's house the the verdict had come down so fast that prosecutor marcia clark and defense lawyer johnnie cochran weren't even in the courthouse to allow everyone time to get back to court judge lance ito ruled the verdict would not be opened until the next morning at ten o'clock pacific time that batmans everyone had a chance to get ready and reporters like myself scrambled to book last minute flights to LA according to a time magazine article oakland nineteen ninety-five planes crammed with journalists departed from across the country all headed to LAX one time correspondent named occurs the OJ express by the next morning you could feel the strong police presence gathered outside the LA lake county courthouse were crowd was forming to wait for the verdict and around the country millions tuned into their televisions to watch the verdict read live if you weren't born in nineteen ninety-five or you're too young to remember it's kind of hard to grasp what a big deal this was but some of the numbers numbers from that day might help you understand the estimates are a bit scattered but according to a two thousand fourteen article in business insider somewhere between ninety ninety five million and one hundred fifty million people watched the verdict lie that seventy five percent of all adults in the US were watching long distance calls were down fifty eight percent during that half our electric consumption surged as americans use their TV's and if you you can believe it water usage decreased because people didn't go to the bathroom during the half hour of the live coverage trading volume dropped forty one percent on the new york stock exchange government meetings around the country were delayed and press conferences were postponed president bill clinton left the the oval office to watch the verdict his staff and supreme court justices hearing a case that day arrange to have notes passed to them so they could know what the verdict was as soon as it came down the nationally televised and racially charged trial had captivated the world and now everyone was waiting to see what would happen next los angeles police had initiated their emergency procedures as a precaution against possible rioting being the city and the entire nation was on edge because of what happened a few years earlier after the verdict in the rodney king case before we go any further i wanna tell you about another podcast you're gonna love grownups read things they wrote as kids is pretty much 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