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Justic before then ran round with the missing. Then they got a machine to find it being static Nichols then people can see. It's there if it's moving. There's a point when people can't see it's like Russian roulette for boats. Yes it means. If you're on the show on the buddy light shining that's true. I'm shape that way good. This is this is a big deal for Michael. Your I think your my promptitude me. It's a big deal. I'm doing quite well. I'm kind of I think you'll my ultimate comedy hero. Everyone I've I've come here. Who would that be for you? Would you would for you? Who I know you like the goons well. Yes probably would be spike. Yeah but you did interviews by so you interviewing spike on comic roots did yes which I re watched was just so utterly completely legendary. Because when I was at school the goon show represented. Some was was nowhere else in a task. Sort of panoply of the media. That that sort of was silly and absurd. Yeah and the fact that was on the BBC Home Service which is full of people in black tie reading the news and all that and seven years. Another goon show for for half an hour hour's just very very silly inspired stuff. Grownups being silly. I thought this is what I want to be. When I grow up. Or they don't want to grow up so spike an I grew up in Sheffield and no idea or any sort of likely ever going into Showbiz of any now but we became very interested in the writers of shows writing I was. That's the key thing and spike wrote most of the goon show normal mainly means. Yeah so that made him quite a hero and the more I learned about the I got know him was just absolutely wonderful because his difficult man spike And you know the fact that we became. We became friends despite everything in fact at one One show it as an award show and spike was being given an a major award. I think it was some Simpson Lifetime Ward and all that I'm more got and spikes agent normal fans tacit. She was age of all these people. She said spikes in the bitter mood today. Can you sit next to you? Because he bureau. Can You keep him quiet? Try and on came. The shows where you had comedian came on and did so ten minutes. Yeah he didn't need the comedian. Do ten minutes but let me tell this thing to do so. Comedian comes on. Remember who was but now through Spicer's very loudly with a fuxing must be the worst thing you can hear on stage and and yet there was a nice.

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