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Here we go. Air Force will skate from right to left in period number one here the Falcons in their road blues with the gray silver and white trim. Let me in the white tops with the dark pants and the dark numerals and helmets. And our officiating crew as the lights come back on at the rink and the O'Brien, Ryan Sweeney, same referees, same linesman Bobby Griffin, Shane Canali, the puck down its center ice and we are underway here in Walton, Massachusetts. Puck in the neutral zone dumped into the air Force in Falcons Go after it. They pick it up behind the net, rimmed around to the near side to rhyme rhyme along the half wall in a scrape there with welcome. It sends it to the other side of the ice, and Sean Noten will dump it out to the neutral zone where it's tracked down by Bentley's Ethan Roswell. He'll send it back into the air Force end. Picked up behind the net. Skating out of there with the puck is Alex Maynard Maynard all drilling ahead to note we'll dump it in taken right back and a long stretch past finds Welcome at the Blue Line of Air Force comes in, but the Falcons cut him off. Had to pass. He sends up a cross and from the wall. It's fired at the net there. That was Santer. No with the drive, but it's steered wide. Back down to the neutral zone were center. No chases it down, gets it up ahead to know back who's written out of the play. He returns to Santer. No, not expecting it. It hit him in the skate and a loose puck picked up by Air Force. This is Maraj is coming in trying to muscle his way around the defender Drew Bavaro, who doesn't let him They take the puck away and send in the other direction. Center. No picks it up. He drops it behind for Four. Um, the shop there that steered wide by Schilling. That was Jack up, Novak. Top line for Bentley did a lot of damage last night. They had an opportunity there. Shilling makes to save puck in the neutral zone, picked up by Lambert Dozy ahead for March and March, and the captain will drop pass to the blue line. It's intercepted by Air Force Falcons turn. They go the other way, but bride will cough it up Justice. He entered the Bentley and so far most of the play in the air Force and you're in the neutral zone. The Isis clear in front of the Bentley goaltender Frasier clerk Kirk Puck is in the air Force and again shilling watches over his left shoulder. The battle in the corner. The puck comes out of the corner, and it comes to Felton at the point. He'll rim it in behind the net, trying to pick it up back there, but unable to do so. On the other side, it's at the point fired in from thereby Marchand, but it's redirected in the air. It lands in the corner. Sprint all the way around. Trying to keep it in at the blue line was Mariza he does it's grabbed by Ethan Harrison in the near corner, battling there with cook for the puck. Couple. Other players joined the fray. Right now we're 2.5 minutes in no score the puck, spending most of the time in the air force and digging it out from behind the net. For Bentley is gonna be Schlegel Haslet, and that feeds went out front for a shot that's knocked down by showing puck comes back to Ethan Harrison, who took the shot. He feeds to the blue line. They get it up top, sent down the slide but blocked out front by one of the Air Force defenders poked out of there by the Falcons and Gavin skates in one against four. They take the puck away from him. Comes right back in this one. He's put on net from about 70 Ft. Away. Shilling knocks it down, gives it to a teammate going by. And here come the Falcons Bowery gets in a head to London. Lionel chip it back to Bowery boundaries in the corner near side comes off the corner gets it to posture. Pinsky lost the puck. Taken away by welcome Welcome trying to dance around Maynard. The defenseman got around him. Coming over to help out was 11 Falcons force a turnover battle for the pocket in front of the Air Force bench. Now the action is hot and heavy right now the chefs. Key, who scored the first goal of the game, comes away with the puck and feeds Marchand. Marchand's pass is blocked against the back. The Bentley and chased down by Lambert, Josie. Here we go. Lombard, does he Keeping his own and rhyme trying for a takeaway can't quite do it in the neutral zone. Dass kiss gets a hand on the pump, knocks it down note and comes away with it. Here's Sean, noting that a goal in yesterday's game noting pulls up he's got space feeds across For many of her. Maraj is his flashing toward the net. But he's cut off has to turn around to feed back to the blue line. There's waigo feeding rhyme rhyme with the re direct from the hash marks knocked down by the goaltender. Ryan picks it up in the corner. Ryan has him on the goal line, tried to feed out front for gaskets couldn't get to it in time. Why go takes a whack at it? That one ends up in the corner near side gaskets in the corner. Fighting off a couple of defenders.

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