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Now. I think this is the killing season. We're about to go into the long parliamentary midwinter break. So it's kinda now and ever if you look at the win the election can happen. Which is the end of the year next year. So that these they conned of loss chance to do it without bending too close to an election and being really strange. I think michael mccoll. Mex- failure to articulate sort of the nationals view that the net zero emissions target of two thousand eight hundred fifty which the prime minister has been inching towards. He hasn't committed to it but inching towards and changing his rhetoric on. They wanted him to articulate a strong case against that. Now michael mccomb kind of has been saying some of these spot a. He doesn't have the political rhetoric skills of a bottom. Joyce and so they've exploited that issue and then the review kind of embarrassing moments for michael mccormack in the last week which i think are galvanized campaign against him. When he said he wanted to send moss into the inner city and he's from the moss plag- in a city apartment. That was pretty embarrassing. And it was just saying as trying to muscle up same like the big regional guy that can can really struck some lines actually missing them up. I live in a community way. Rates will boy moss and there is nothing worse than this stinks mosque. There is nothing worse than heading moist. Eighty a grind. There is nothing worse than having moss running raping around you pass around you randy factory and then we have of course vita the people for the ethical treatment of animals coming in on. Didn't he. Member for dc endorsing them sighing moist. The little curious creatures should be behind. Well i actually agree with paid. They should be rehired into the into the inner city apartment so that i can nibble away at the food and they faded scratch children that not and he lost the support of the party room because ultimately he just didn't he didn't resonate enough he wasn't firing and he was acting prime minister and i felt like he doesn't excite the nation having said that i always think it's really strange when they talk about how he doesn't accept the nation if you look at nationals. Latest warren trusts. I main sorry but not exactly the most charismatic guy in the room. even You know who else who else some. Yes mock vile people charisma but not much actually have been the only one that's been really colorful for years. Not ever up. But for years was actually be joyous so barnaby joyce he's been relentless in.

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