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That was announced yesterday. With a cinematic trailer and holding back gameplay until just a really, really short glimpse at a very end is aliens, dark descent. New aliens game. Cinematic trailer and then the gameplay is like isometric top down squad based. And it was a little bit confused. Everyone was a little bit confused as to what it was. Immediately after real. I found the games official website and the Tina found its steam page. And it's actually more information there. So we actually have a clear idea of what it is. Yeah. But again, it's a situation where I think Justin was saying, a top down sort of it's almost looks like a twin stick shooter, even though I don't think it is. Maybe people might be less excited for that than if they think they're getting a new first person shooter aliens game, right? Anyway, the developer is $10 interactive, which is a French developer. I'm not familiar with. They have made a few games that I had never heard of. But I do think $10 interactive sounds a lot like the weyland yutani corporation from the aliens. That's how they got the gig. So the official description is an alien's dark descent, command a squad of hardened colonial marines to stop a terrifying xenomorph outbreak on moon leath. Lead your soldiers in real time combat against iconic xenomorphs, rogue operatives from the insatiable weyland yutani corporation and a host of horrifying creatures new to the alien franchise. And that last sentence gives me pause. Yeah. What? What is it going to be? You can't have, you can't just have him shoot an alien. Xenomorphs the whole time. In this world. It's fine. There's just the aliens. And I admit the prequels. The prequels have kind of after everything up. In the original alien, it takes place in the year 21 22, all that all that far in the future, they had never discovered another alien creature until they discovered the alien. And now in this game, there's just such a Grinch event. It's a shooting game. Like if something's moving over there, you just shoot it. And then it explodes in a pile of goo. And it doesn't matter. That's true. And I think there's another part of the description where they're saying that actually whatever your commands, because you can command your squad, obviously. And there's 5 different character classes and a leveling up system. So you're adapting what your strategy in your gameplay is and what you actually have accessible to you. And then apparently the enemies will catch on to your antics. So if you use the same strategy, they'll eventually start to circumvent it and account for it. So maybe that's why they wanted to throw in a couple of other enemies so that it's like adds an interesting strategic dynamic of maybe it's like flying. I guess I can crawl on anything so that doesn't really make much of a difference, but it have to be a different kind of combat tactic there. Apparently there's perma death and you can customize your squad and then develop your base to research new tech and improve your squad. Cool. So that sounds cool. And not just permadeath, but yeah, not just permanent, but there's a persistent world. So you can some of the strategy in each levels you can find shortcuts. You can create safe zones and then motion trackers that impact the level permanently. So anytime you're unlocking these things or creating these new openings or setting up traps or whatever, that'll change the way that that level inherently permanently works. So that stuff is interesting sounding. And then also it says carefully manage your soldier's health resources and sanity. To avoid mental breakdowns. I didn't read about the darkest and darkest dungeon in there too. So journal darkness too. So that sounds cool. I'll keep it open mind. That one's coming 2023. I don't know, Sam, what do you think of aliens, dark descent? Let me just say that I don't think I played a lot of good aliens games, but the alien pinball machine that just came out is so good. Cool. You should seek it out and play it. It is awesome. It's like a Williams era widebody size game, so it's wide. And it has the best looking. You can select alien or aliens, and you play games with their modes are based on that. And so they have one called fine jonesy, where it shows you several paths, and it shows the cat, the cat is jonesy. Let me just get that out of the way. Yes. It shows you jonesy's hiding in these places. But then all the lights go off. And so you have to remember where jonesy was and tried to shoot that ramp, right? Or that passage or that loop or whatever. And then the lights will come on and you'll see jonesy again for a second, but no, jonzi moved over here. You got to find jonesy. And if you don't find Joe, it's really sad. Because jonesy survives that, Judd jonesy is a survivor. Well, yeah, for however. Until the aliens. Only three. No, no, no. Aliens, she survives because she gets left behind at the beginning of aliens. Ripley doesn't take jonesy too back to the oh, really? Yeah. I thought jonesy was in the little pat carrying case. Not in aliens. Only an alien. An alien, yeah, yeah. Okay, so jonesy gets to live out her life. Apparently she gets adopted adopted by someone back on earth. Oh, that's a great ending. Okay. Yeah. Okay, well, no, yeah, this game like, I don't know, I'll give any alien game a try. I love the universe, and I think it's very easy to ruin. Oh yeah. I mean, everybody in the comments on our announcement when we wrote up the announcement was like, why didn't you just make alien isolation too? Is that not what we want? And it was such a powerful entry in the series, and obviously there's been many other missteps in the aliens history. But I don't know, it's so much more interesting now that I've actually read up on it and it seems more strategic than I was expecting based off of the three second gameplay we got. There are many more mistakes. In the alien franchise, may more missteps than there are hits. Across movies and video games. And yet we still love it. Oh, yeah. Yeah, great. I mean, I think it's just the best design and the coolest. I mean, alien and aliens are two polar ends of horror. And I.

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